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A Muddy Pumps Dream From Chrissy

I have a friend Susan who pretty much is the definition of slut - and bitch - put together. She dresses in tight skirts or pants and high heels ALL the time, has shoulder length dark blond hair and brown eyes and tends to have more enemies than friends - particularly women. No surprise here.  Bitchy women tend to make female enemies much easier than male ones.

Although not as rough and acidic as she is, she and I became pretty good friends (worked in the same building). All of the previous info is true - that's not part of the dream!  This is where the dream starts...

It's cold... wintertime, somewhere around early December. The ground is not frozen solid.  She and I have driven to a girl's house that she knows... someone she truly despises. We are dressed, we think, sexy as hell for this mission, but in reality we are WAY overdressed, not to mention impractically. We're almost identical - black dress pants, black stockings underneath, black leather gloves, gorgeous full-length black leather coats, but while I wore a black satin blouse, she, stupidly wore a white satin one.  I told her in the car that wasn't a good idea, saying she would be more visible than I, since we were trying to be secretive in approaching the house.  Susan snapped back, saying it didn't matter because she'd have her coat pulled tight. Our perfumes were overwhelming in the warm car.

We got out on the remote street and began walking down the long driveway. It had rained about an hour earlier but now the sky was crystal clear with a hint of moon... and the wind was blowing VERY cold.  We stood by the car and checked our silver guns. Yes, Susan had asked me to help her with these "bitches".  Being her good friend and lover I agreed.  We began walking stealthily down the driveway, both of us in 4" BLACK PATENT PUMPS.... which were NOT too quiet. After several steps we realized this and tried to tiptoe a bit, which helped but not much.  I cussed under my breath; "We should've worn boots!  My feet are fucking freezing!".  She seemed to ignore me; "Shut up... we'll be inside in just a minute... besides, it was your idea to wear patent because it cleaned up easy".  She looked beautiful in the low light, blond hair moving gently, despite her harsh words.

Suddenly the front door opened and the light came on.  Panicking, we quickly sprinted into the nearby woods, quite clumsily in our heels. The ground was still squishy from the rain.  We both got behind thin trees and looked at the house while bending on one knee on our coats.  The coat kept the moisture off my knee, but much to my chagrin, I felt muddy water seeping into the bend of the shiny pump I had bent under me.  At the very same time two girls began coming out, both dressed in dark leather bomber jackets (couldn't see what color), tight pants or jeans tucked into dark high heeled boots.

Fretting about the discomfort of my frozen feet and also concerned about the two girls, I was distracted.  Susan and I did manage to nod to one another though, giving silent assent... we began to fire our guns. We weren't very good shots, missing on our first two tries.  The girls screamed and looked for cover... but didn't find any.  Finally one lurched straight up, followed by the other, screaming gutturally and spinning around.  Both fell dead, flopping their boots one last time on the wet ground.

Smiling evilly, Susan felt confident apparently, because she began to move from the trees and let her coat come open.  What we didn't see was that there were at least 4 guns pointed back at us from the dark windows.  Susan's white satin blouse made an easy target, paired with her stumbling and nearly falling off her heels in the mud and wet leaves.  We screamed briefly as the shots began coming, but Susan didn't scream long as suddenly a red hole appeared just over her left eye.  She fell silently as she turned toward me.  She landed on a small thin stump, impaling herself to add to her pain, her muddy black patent pumps extended toes down behind her, heels with fresh mud on them.

I screamed again, forgetting to shoot back.  I was shot several times, flinging my gun in reflex, grasping for small branches to keep me from falling.  My pumps stayed on my feet miraculously, but now quite messy and wet, my black stockings soiled completely.  I fell to the ground beside my Susan, rolling over in the mud and leaves, ruining my $500 leather coat, breath leaving me, and looking at Susan's wide open stare one last time before... I woke up... wet in my pussy.  I don't know... the thought of danger and being caught mercilessly aroused me... maybe I'm very submissive deep down inside?