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Wet Messy Muddy Shoes And Boots

wet shoes - WET SHOES - wet shoes

This very rare pair of pointed toe Prada pumps are surprisingly comfortable for stiletto heels.  They're great for walking so I've worn them hiking and sightseeing.  They've gotten dirty and scuffed but that's nothing.  Watch me wear these shoes into the ocean in this set of 16 photos!

Other fine high heels abused in the mud and water!



Muddy Business Woman

Melanie walked out of the meeting a little distressed. She had almost blown a very significant sized deal.  Melanie sure was glad when their cell phone rang and the investors left in a hurry. They'd meet again tomorrow, and she had the night to figure out those details.

Right now she needed a walk. Melanie left the office and turned to her left.  Down the street she went, unaware of anything going on around her. She just needed to think this over.

She stepped on a pebble causing her to almost twist her ankle and scuff her shoe.  Damn these heels. Should have switched shoes.  She continued to walk.  She walked right past the construction signs without even noticing. Mel had her share of problems on this deal and a little air would help clear her mind.

It was Sunday. An odd day for a meeting, but Mel had big plans. She was a hard worker. Sunday wasn't going to stop her, even if  it was a tad quiet on the streets. She kept thinking and walking.

She felt a little wetness on her feet.  These damn puddles were going to ruin her heels she thought.  She quickly reminded herself she had more important things to worry about.  Without even looking down at her shoes, she made a mental note to get another pair for the meeting tomorrow. It wasn't until a puddle splashed half way up to her knee that she stopped and realized it. It hadn't rained in two days.  She looked at her feet and then realized...

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