Trampling Crushing And Kicking in High Heels
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A Few Words About Fantasies From Chrissy

The great thing about fantasies is that you can switch roles...meaning I would take GREAT delight in playing both parts: First, the winner, my boots so impeccably licked clean and shined by the loser, the leather glistening, my blouse neatly buttoned up, breasts still firm from earlier, pussy still throbbing slightly...and giving the loser a good kick in HER left breast before I walk all over her boots and back to my expensive sports car, leaving her writhing in pain... and a complete mess.


I could end up the loser, my confidence and bitchiness completely gone as I whimper for mercy in the mud and leaves.....what once were my best and most expensive black leather boots are now thoroughly scuffed and dirty... it will take hours, maybe days, to get them clean again.  My body is sore from being kicked and stepped on by the high heels of the winner, my blouse torn, nipples hanging through the shreds.  My pretty lace bra has been thrown into a nearby tree.  Most of all, my pussy is injured, not only from actual abuse from the victor but also from failure to get satisfaction.  I can barely crawl to my own car, passing out as I open the door, falling again to the cold mud, my nipples melding with the mud... just like the tips of my high heeled boots.


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Kitty tramples her photographer with dirty D&G slingback pumps then steps into the water and continues trampling with her wet shoes.


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Kitty describes how she enjoys trampling in her muddy Prada pumps.

A fun little scene Kitty (Toni Leigh to most people) did for a video game site.

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