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Shoe Dangling And Dipping

Unintentional Boot Messing
continued from the shiny new boots page

... to dry,  it was impossible to notice the mud underneath.  Suddenly I felt my left heel break through the surface and sink into the mud.  Before I could react I stepped down with my right boot which sunk in almost to the ankle.  Instinctively, I tried to pull my foot back out but it was stuck and I lost my balance.  Down on my hip I went. By the time I got up my skirt, boots and pantyhose were covered with red clay mud.  The man helped me to my feet and we slogged on.   I was upset but also kind of excited. Now I wasn't nearly as careful where I walked. The red clay mud really caked to the heels and soles of my boots.. I stopped periodically to stomp the mud off but I liked the look the more I went and I became less careful about the letting my heels dig into the dirt and clay.

Finally the couple was satisfied with their inspection and left. Ironically, their jeans and sneakers were spotless. I stayed to close up the house walking back through the mud one last time to make sure I hadn't dropped anything when I fell.  When I got home my boyfriend and I cleaned up my messy boots and skirt with a nice shower.  We never did make it to dinner.


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Dolce & Gabbana sling back pumps dangling
precariously over the water.  A second pair of
shoes as well as a $900 pair of Dolce & Gabbana
boots.  Kitty shares her deep shoe philosophy.

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