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Sexy ladies abuse their sexy high heels commenting on shoe abuse experiences. Special requests welcome.

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2011-10-01 (29 photos) Alexis chooses an old pair of boots for her photo shoot at the bamboo forest. Her high heels get dirty as she walks and they sink into the dirt.
2011-09-29 (25 photos) Alexis liked her Lucchese cowgirl boots so much she found a similar pair in black. Here she is modeling them while still brand new out of the box. They look pretty rugged but are they rugged enough for her?
2011-08-06 (16 photos) On the very next day after her dinner date in these boots, Alexis wears them to lunch and gets caught in the rain in the restaurant parking lot. Perhaps these boots are not so durable after all. The fine tan leather immediately turns dark brown as soon as the rain drops hit them. By the time she gets into the restaurant she has gotten them so wet that the entire toe area has turned brown.
2011-08-05 (14 photos) Alexis just got her first pair of cowgirl boots and loves them so much she has been wearing them every day. These boots really look tough and rugged in contrast to the stiletto heels she usually wears. But are they tough enough for her? The first time wearing them out, she's teasing under the table at dinner and stepping all over her dinner date's cowboy boots. And as you can see, she's already scuffed them by walking over gravel.
2011-08-04 (23 photos) Due to a lost bet, Alexis has been doing Jenny's landscaping for the past 30 minutes and she's exhausted. Though Jenny's delighted watching Alexis wreck her Manolo Blahnik pumps shoveling gravel, she's getting hungry so allows her to stop. Alexis steps into the house, kicks off her sweaty, ruined Manolos and goes to the bathroom. While she's in there, Jenny takes several close up shots of Alexis' ruined designer shoes and posts them on abusedshoes.com.
2011-08-02 (23 photos) Jenny and Alexis are dressed up for lunch at a trendy beach side restaurant but they have to wait for the landscaper. Lets just go Alexis, he's not going to show up. I bet he does Jenny. What would you like to bet Alexis? If he shows up, you're my slave for the day. OK, and if he doesn't you do the landscaping. OK. Unfortunately for Alexis and her Manolo Blahnik slingbacks the landscaper never shows. The work consists of sweeping sand out of gutters which gets her shoes very dirty and shoveling gravel which badly scuffs her heels.
2011-03-28 (40 photos) Gal Friday III - I am really not liking my new job. Not only are my good shoes all dirty, its also very hot. Is so hot that even my feet are sweating in my leather pumps. I take my jacket off before stepping out of the dirty pickup truck to the next job site. Much to my dismay I find that the road is even muddier than the last location. Though I manage to step around the puddles the ground is so soft that first my heels then the rest of my shoes sink into the mud as I walk. By the time I get back this time my shoes are covered in mud and I look more in place pumping the pedals of the dirty pickup truck than walking around in an office.
2011-03-26 (36 photos) Gal Friday II - I realize now that my good office sling backs were definitely a bad choice of footwear for this job. My heels got dirty and scuffed from walking over gravel and I had to step in a muddy puddle to get back into my dirty pickup truck. I only noticed how much of a mess my shoes were looking down at the pedals while driving to the net job site.
2011-03-25 (22 photos) I know you came here to see me abuse my shoes but I have to show you my new Christian Louboutins. They are new and shiny and clean. Maybe I will take extra care of these because I know how much you want me to.
2011-03-23 (31 photos) The job ad said Girl Friday so I went to work in my sexy office attire and best sling back pumps only to find that I was to be an assistant to a building inspector. I should have known when my first assignment was to get in this dirty pickup truck to inspect a property. I get to the address and step out of the truck onto a muddy road. The property I was inspecting was still under construction so I had to walk around muddy puddles and over gravel just to get to it. Definitely not the glamorous job I was expecting.
2010-10-24 (27 photos) Errand Day Part 2 - Alexis' shoes and feet are still wet from walking through a deep puddle earlier in the day. That was in town. Her next stop is in an undeveloped area which is usually a muddy mess after the rain. Her shoes were already dirty from her earlier errands, but here they get totally wrecked. Several close up shots after particularly deep puddles show muddy water oozing out of her toe cleavage.
2010-10-23 (26 photos) Errand Day - Alexis slips on her sandals and heads out to run her errands for the day. At her first stop she realizes that due to the rain and recent construction, sandals were not a good choice of footwear. Luckily she has an extra pair of sling back pumps in the car so she changes into those. While in the waiting room, she takes some close ups of her sexy heels which are a little dirty already from walking through muddy puddles. At her second stop, as soon as she steps out of the car... splash. She realizes she has parked in a deep puddle.
2010-04-06 (30 photos) Alexis fishes in her patent hot pink pumps as her friend watches close by. Little does she know her tops about to be accidentally snagged by Alexis' hook. Guess you'll just have to see what happens.
2010-03-27 (26 photos) Your sexy co-worker needs you to take some promotional photos of her and she is wearing the sexiest well worn Manolo Blahnik pumps you have ever seen. Carefully choose a beach location. Be sure she has to walk over sand and rocks so her precious shoes get nicely scuffed. Choose a spot close to the water so the waves are sure to soak her shoes while she is posing for the shot. Once she is wet and her shoes are ruined anyway some fun wetlook shots afterwards should be no problem.
2010-03-18 (21 photos) When Alexis responds to a job listing the receptionist gives her directions which take her though what looks like a muddy hiking trail. She keeps going, doing her best to avoid the mud and puddles. By the time she arrives her office slingbacks are a mess. Muddy and soaked inside from running through puddles to get to the interview on time. That receptionist better have mud on in her shoes too.
2010-03-11 (14 photos) When you get a group of hot girlfriends all dressed in sexy high heels to go out drinking together, its very important to get them to pay close attention to their sexy footwear. They start out the night posing together for shoe photos. When the alcohol starts flowing the fun really starts when they start abusing each others footwear, stepping on each others toes, spilling drinks onto each others shoes and more.
2010-03-08 (29 photos) After a night out clubbing my white leather pumps have lots of scuffs and stains all over them. It looks like my girlfriends have been stepping on them all night and spilling drinks all over them. Not a problem. I coax this guy into the water fully dressed, step in to wash my shoes step all over him and dry my shoes on his jeans, concentrating on his cock.
2010-02-28 (15 photos) When you arrange a sexy model for a photo shoot, make sure you choose a location with a lot of water. Also choose a hot day, a sexy outfit and heels. After the usual glamour shots, TFP or otherwise, be sure to direct her to step into the water in her heels for that artistic edge.
2010-02-02 (32 photos) This sexy realtor starts off the day neatly dressed in her sexy office attire including her finest black leather pumps. Unfortunately it has rained heavily throughout the day and she is forced to cross a flooded street to get to an appointment on time. Being the busy woman she is, she will spend the rest of the day walking around in her soaked shoes. Surely they will not look as sharp for her future appointments.
2010-01-31 (39 photos) After a hard day at work I need a relaxing bath so badly that I step into the bath fully clothed including my $600 Manolo Blahnik pumps.
2009-08-01 (27 photos) Alexis is excited to start her new job. She wears a sexy black mini-dress and her reliable work pumps by Michael Kors. Somehow she's managed to lose her way while running errands and is forced to walk through the snow. It's not until she has to cross a stream where she does the real damage. Her shoes are soaked and feet freezing. The river stones were sharp and difficult to walk across. She pauses on top of a fallen tree trunk to rest and dry her feet. By the time she finds her way her shoes are ruined due to the long wet walk through the woods. Since these shoes look too beat up to wear to work any more its time for her to get rid of them.
2009-06-21 (15 photos) Guess slingbacks in the rain.
2009-06-10 (14 photos) Shoe Collection
2009-05-27 (13 photos) Comparison of three pairs of designer black pumps.
2009-05-24 (19 photos) Black leather boots wet at the beach.
2009-05-13 (22 photos) New Manolo Blahnik pumps
2009-04-26 (20 photos) Sexy photos of Kat wearing her high heels on the beach, first abusing them by walking in the sand, then soaking them in salt water.
2009-04-05 (16 photos) Surprisingly Kat's Stuart Weitzman pumps are still looking pretty good considering all the abuse she's already put them through. This week she continues the damage, first by stepping into a swimming pool, then into a sudsey hot tub.
2009-03-29 (24 photos) Kat's leather shoes are soaking wet from walking in the ocean. As she walks back to the parking lot her shoes become completely covered by sand and dirt. The heels are damaged by the sand and sharp stones as she's walking.
2009-03-22 (1000 photos) In this video clip, Kat fills her sexy Charles David stilettos with cake and shoves her feet. Hear the patent leather squeak as she shoves her feet in forcing the cake to ooze out between her toes.
2009-03-15 (27 photos) Kat wears her Stuart Weitzman high heels into the bath and washes them til they're squeaky clean.
2009-03-08 (1000 photos) Kat gets her Charles David patent leather pumps messy, first stepping on cake, then covering her sexy shoes with cake. Also, be sure to download last Sunday's video. It wasn't there before due to an error on the page but now it is.
2009-03-01 (1000 photos) Video Clip - Today, come with Kat to the beach and watch her dig the heels of her Stuart Weitzman Fever leather pumps into the sand. She continues her walk on the expansive beach, first on the loose sand, then flat wet sand, then a thin layer of seawater, and finally she completely submerges those sexy high heels in the surf.
2009-02-25 (7 photos) Kat walking around in dripping wet black leather pumps and cocktail dress after a fully clothed swim in the pool.
2009-02-22 (17 photos) Follow Kat on a wild night out in sexy boots. Watch her dig those high heels into the grass, go out clubbing with her friends, and step into a water fountain. Finally the water seeps out of her soaked boots and forms puddles in the elevator.
2009-02-15 (13 photos) Your sexy boss gets her office pumps dirty during an outdoor event and shoves her heel in your crotch and demands that you clean them for her.
2009-01-25 (1000 photos) Dressed up girl ventures closer to the water the find just the right spot to relax and watch the waves. On the way there she damages her high heels climbing over rocky terrain and we see from the soles that walking on the wet sand has soaked her shoes.
2009-01-11 (1000 photos) Leather high heels are not exactly the right footwear for a walk on the beach. They get badly scuffing them by walking over sharp rocks and sand. Her heels sink with every step and sand fills her shoes.
2009-01-01 (23 photos) Alexis finds gets lost in the woods scantily clad and ends up ruining her sexy leather pumps walking through snow and across a stream.
2008-12-31 (5 photos) Remember Kat's new leather Stuart Weitzman Fever pumps? Here she is wearing them on the beach. Guess they're not so new any more.
2008-12-20 (17 photos) Kat walks around the fountain in high heels. We knew it couldn't be long before she got her sexy Stuart Weitzman leather pumps wet. Some close up shots of her sexy shoes and feet before and after the water.
2008-12-13 (1000 photos) A little sexy shoeplay before Kitty slips on her well worn Dolce & Gabbana leather sling back pumps. These old comfortable shoes have been through a lot of abuse so Kitty doesn't have to be too careful with them. She walks outside and doesn't hesitate when the pavement ends allowing her leather covered high heels to sink into the dirt.
2008-12-10 (11 photos) Mistress Kitty lounges in her living room. Her super high gold leather stilettoe heels digs into the carpet. With HD programming playing in the background, it's time to have some fun!
2008-12-06 (1000 photos) Kitty continues her sexy fully clothed shower, soaping her stockings and leather high heels. The tub starts filling with water so she completely submerges her sexy shoes before stepping out of the shower and getting ready to go out.
2008-12-03 (6 photos) Sexy Kat has obviously worn her patent leather Charles David pumps through grass. Her four inch high heels always sink into the dirt and get stuck when she does this and her heels get really dirty.
2008-11-30 (1000 photos) Apparently a rough day at the office for Kitty as well as her sexy leather high heels by Dolce & Gabbana. She examines the damaged heels and soaked leather of the shoes she was forced to walk in the mud in and wear all day. A $500 pair of shoes ruined.
2008-11-23 (18 photos) Kat wears her Charles David pumps in the rain, in the car, out shopping. There are puddles everywhere and she has lots of fun walking through them in her sexy high heels.
2008-11-19 (6 photos) Extremely sexy Kat models her Charles David patent leather pumps. You may remember them when she had only worn them once. Here they are after a wild party or two. A couple of scuffs here and there. Still in pretty nice shape even though Kat looooves to abuse shoes.
2008-11-12 (12 photos) Girl on girl domination in sexy shiny stiletto heeled patent leather boots.
2008-11-09 (1000 photos) Mistress Kitty takes a bath with her brand new gold Aldo leather wedges. Ahhhh, feels so warm and nice! Watch this video of her getting them all wet!
2008-11-05 (5 photos) Brand new Stuart Weitzman Fever black leather pumps. Clean and dry, never worn outdoors... yet.
2008-11-02 (1000 photos) Video - Before going out for a walk in her well worn Dolce & Gabbana sling back pumps, she notices they are dirty so she decides to take a fully clothed shower to clean them. To ensure that they are really clean she soaps them up too.
2008-10-29 (10 photos) Christian Louboutin patent leather high heels. Well worn and soon to be abused. Our sexy model has already worn these in the rain. And apparently at a crowded party or two judging by the badly scuffed leather.
2008-10-19 (1000 photos) Custom Video Clip Update - 13MB, 2:20 minutes. Mistress Kitty smashes a 32 inch flat panel monitor with her sexy pink Jimmy Choo leather pumps.
2008-10-15 (6 photos) Charles David patent leather high heels after being worn only once. They're in mint condition now but since they're here you know that won't last long.
2008-10-12 (26 photos) Mistress Kitty decides to draw a bath. How relaxing it is to soak in her oversized jacuzzi tub. Her brand new gold leather slides shimmers in the sunlight. Why not take them for a dip as well? What fun it is to get your shoes wet wet wet!
2008-10-08 (10 photos) Our new model shows off her well worn Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps. Though the patent leather upper takes the abuse well, you can tell from the signature red soles that she's rough with these $800 shoes.
2008-10-05 (21 photos) Mistress Kitty wears her cuff and chain super sleek stilettoe sandals to battle it out with Mistress Sasha's animal-skin super sharp stilettoe sandals. Their milky skin is oooo so smooth against the contrast of the sharp footwear.
2008-10-01 (15 photos) Ms Kitty was not satisfied with the progress. she went into the kitech and got herself a sharp knife. O the Also sandals are gonna get it. Kitty cuts the knife deep into the leather of the gold sandals, slashing the soft leather, tearing the material. Then she steps on them some more in her Diors.
2008-09-28 (24 photos) Mistress Kitty was about to go out in her favorite pair of Dior jet-setter blue and orange stilettoes, when she noticed the Aldo gold wedge sandals was begging to be worn. She had neglected the bad bad sandals. In fact, they were never even worn ever since Kitty took them home from the store. Why you ask? Well the gold wedges have been behaving very badly, being a spoile brat wanting to be worn more than the Diors, can you believe that? It deserved some punishment.
2008-09-21 (23 photos) Mistress Kitty takes a stroll in the garden in her over the knee leather stilettoe boots. She got really tired walking all over the rocks and grass, so she decided to lay down for a rest in the shade. The boots got a really good work out. the leather sticks to Mistress Toni's legs in the summer heat.
2008-09-17 (7 photos) Mistress Kitty needs to cool her hot body in this balmy heat, what to do? Why not take a little swim in the blue blue pool in her blue stilettoes. O yea let's get that top nice and wet!
2008-09-14 (24 photos) Mistress Kitty struts around her apartment in her $600 Rasberry pink Jimmy Choo leather pumps. We finally see that she's going to stomp on her $1600 30 inch monitor with it, causing the screen to crack! O the atrocity! We can't help but stare intently...
2008-09-10 (17 photos) Mistress Justine invites Mistress Kitty over for a play date after work. Mistress Kitty came straight from the office in her striped ultra mini skirt suit, black silk stockings, and high heel pumps. Justine sees this as a golden opportunity to torture Mistress Kitty a bit. Justine steps and grinds on Mistress Kitty's toes with her white pumps. Oh the pain!
2008-09-07 (17 photos) Mistress Kitty and Ms Sasha battles with their spiked heels on this photoshoot of electric blue and black. Sasha sticks her stiletto into Kitty's foot, causing her to cry out in pain.
2008-09-03 (11 photos) Mistress Kitty is feeling soft and sensual today, in her silky stockings, garter teddy corset, and soft gloves. A gentle breeze brushes past her delicate skin, her hair dances in the light. What a great pair of legs on her! Her toes firmed wedged into her rhinestone strappy sandals. There is no question, the sandals are in heaven.
2008-08-27 (15 photos) Mistress Kitty struts around her apartment in her $600 Rasberry pink Jimmy Choo leather pumps. Hmmm.... What on earth is she going to do with those??? Seems she is developing a distinctly evil thought in her pretty little head. We shall soon find out what exactly that might be!
2008-08-06 (19 photos) Part III. Ms. Kitty yells at her assistant to wash her black Bentley Continental GT with 22" rims. But little assistant Rachael makes a fuss and acts out, squirts her boss with a hose, getting Ms Kitty wet all over in her Roberto Cavalli over the knee leather boots! They struggle for the hose and Rachale gets it in her blouse!
2008-07-30 (8 photos) Mistress Kitty loves her pink lace, sheer stockings, and pearls. Baby pink has never looked so good and yummy. She traipses around in her rhinestone strappy stilettoe sandals in this hot hot photoshoot.
2008-07-27 (16 photos) Mistress Kitty struts around the mansion in her ultra short denim shorts. Her super high black leather over the knee stilettoe boots gets it good on the Spanish tiles.
2008-07-20 (12 photos) Mistress Kitty takes her lucious pink pumps straight into the luxurious jacuzzi. Her pumps enjoy a beautiful sunset with her. Her sleek long legs tangle in the glistening sunglight.
2008-07-06 (15 photos) After Sunday school, Ms Kitty soaks her Nine West sexy black leather pumps in a marble hot tub to relax on a day of rest and relaxation.
2008-06-29 (22 photos) Ms Kitty just got home from a black tie gala. She goes straight to the shower with her Satin dress on and matching Sergio Rossi stilettoe pumps. She gets all wet in her all marble shower. Yummy!
2008-06-22 (19 photos) Ms Thi was admiring her new Steven gold stilettoes.
2008-06-18 (6 photos) Kitty awakes in the morning still in her dress and shoes, somewhat wet from the shower last night... she enjoys a beautiful sunrise as she looks off to the distance.
2008-06-15 (27 photos) Ms Kitty just got home from a black tie gala. She goes straight to the shower with her Satin dress on and matching Sergio Rossi stilettoe pumps. She gets all wet in her all marble shower. Yummy!
2008-06-08 (18 photos) Part II. Ms. Kitty tells her assistant to wash her Bentley Continental GT. But little assistant Rachael makes a fuss and acts out, squirts her boss with a hose, getting Ms Kitty wet all over in her Roberto Cavalli over the knee leather boots!
2008-06-04 (12 photos) A steamy set of lacey lingerie and Bebe croq blue stilettoe pumps. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen...
2008-06-01 (31 photos) Ms Toni and Ms Sasha heats things up in this ultra high fashion shoot. Sasha wear her fencenet stockings with a black G-string. Toni brought her rhinestone garters and super sexy corset. The black leather pumps see a lot action with the girls stomping around and posing fiercely in them. Together they are a force to be reckoned with.
2008-05-28 (12 photos) Part I. Ms. Kitty tells her assistant to wash her Bentley Continental GT. But little assistant Rachael makes a fuss and acts out, squirts her boss with a hose, getting Ms Kitty wet all over in her Roberto Cavalli over the knee leather boots!
2008-05-25 (15 photos) Ms Kaylee gets down and dirty at the beach with her office mini and stockings on. Wet sand everywehre...
2008-05-18 (34 photos) Washing the Bentley
2008-04-30 (18 photos) Kitty roams the beach side in her red hot Mustang and her super hot leather boots. Watch as she destroys them on the rough sands when she pumps away at the gas pedal!
2008-04-09 (20 photos) Kitty gets into a nice and wet fight in the dark with her buddy Anne. Check out how tight their clothes hug their body while they have a little fun with the black light.
2008-04-06 (20 photos) Lady Melody just can't stop having enough fun! She loves getting Kitty all soaking wet with dirty soap water after washing the car. Check out how nice and cold Kitty gets from her dunking!
2008-03-16 (27 photos) Miss Kitty spashes around in her ity bity pink dress shirt and super hot Sergio Rossi pumps! Check out how she wets her whole entire outfit and damages everything she has on.
2008-03-09 (26 photos) Miss Kitty is super sexy in her hot pink tube dress, and we love how she gets her whole body and her super sexy Sergio Rossi pumps wet along with her.
2008-03-05 (24 photos) The girls come by kitty's house to have a sexy lawn party and we just love it when they get togehter to play!
2008-02-24 (18 photos) Miss Melody loves getting herself all nice and wet, and Kitty is more than happy to do it for her. Enjoy as Kitty sprays dirty soap water all over Melody's body and her pumps.
2008-02-17 (27 photos) Ms Kitty just hopped out of the shower and decides to model for us while she and her lovely Sergio Rossi pumps are dripping wet!
2008-02-06 (29 photos) Kitty invites her two best friends over for some fun. Check out how naughty ms thuy and ms sasha get while playing on kitty's sofa!
2008-02-03 (21 photos) The girls go out for a night on the town. They look super sexy in their all white bikinis and go-go boots. We love how they shoot pool and play with eachother!
2008-01-27 (26 photos) Its been a while since Kitty has gotten wet for us, so she gets in her slinky pink tube dress and hops in the shower! Watch how she abuses her Sergio Rossi's by getting them soaking wet. They get so drenched that we're sure they will never be the same.
2008-01-20 (28 photos) Ms. Kitty looks pretty in pink while posing for us on a nice sunny day in California. She looks so relaxed as she baskes in the lovely golden sun in her pink Sergio Rossi's.
2008-01-13 (24 photos) Miss Kitty dresses up in her school girl outfit and takes a dip in the pool for us to enjoy. Check out how cute she looks while getting all nice and wet for us!
2008-01-09 (60 photos) Toni and Sasha look so tantalizing in their sexy lingerie, and we just can't keep our eyes of their sexy long legs and even hotter heels. Watch as they tease eachother and have lots of fun on the sofa!
2008-01-06 (35 photos) Ms. Melody loves bossing Kitty around, and today she wants her to get all soaking wet while washing her dirty car. Enjoy the show as she orders her around, and gets Kitty all soapy with the hose!
2007-12-30 (25 photos) Miss Kitty gets all pretty in pink while wearing her super adorable tube dress and Sergio Rossi pumps! She has a little fun while in her hotel and gets all nice and wet and ruins her shoes for her own entertainment!
2007-12-23 (19 photos) Her gold heels are just too dirty, so she hops into the shower and rinses them off! Wash as she soaks them into the shower to the point where she just kicks them off to the corner.
2007-12-16 (31 photos) Kaylee stumbles around the beach in her cute little black heels and tears them up on the rocky sands. She abuses them till they can handle no more after being drowned in salty sea water.
2007-12-09 (35 photos) Kitty and Lady Melody have a little fun while washing the dirty Bentley. They are dressed in their sexy heels and outfits and get nice and wet while doing so!
2007-12-07 (24 photos) Well, Kitty just had so much fun with Thuy and Sasha, that she invited them out to for a lawm party! The girls get into their sexy little bikinis and have fun domiating eachother on the lawn!
2007-12-05 (28 photos) Kitty needs a little fun, so she calls out her girlfriends to plan a little play date of us to check in on. The girls get all dolled up in their sexiest hot pink outfits and strut their stuff for us to see!
2007-12-02 (20 photos) Kitty has a little fun in the snow while romping around in her sexy boots. Check out how cute she looks while walking around town having fun!
2007-11-28 (18 photos) Ms. Kitty sexes up the scene in her sexy baby doll dress and even hotter white BCBG pumps!
2007-11-25 (29 photos) Kitty gets all dressed up in her sexy booty shorts and thigh high boots, and we just can't keep our eyes off of her as she abuses them by getting them all scruffed up in the sand!
2007-11-21 (24 photos) The girls come out to play, and we love how sexy they look while doing so! A party out on the lawn has never looked any hotter than this!
2007-11-18 (16 photos) Anne and Kitty dress up in their sexy outfits and even sexier pumps and have a little fun. See how two hot chicks, some water and pumps turn out to be a great show for us!
2007-11-14 (10 photos) Mistress Butterfly comes out to have a little fun with some sexy Charles David pumps, courtesy of ABUSEDSHOES.COM. Enjoy the show as you see how sexy her feet look while wearing them.
2007-11-11 (20 photos) Snow bunny looks super hot while taking a nice walk down the mountain.
2007-11-07 (18 photos) Kitty is getting ready for a day of shopping so she gets dressed up and is rearing to go for a day of fun. She looks super sexy in her little summer dress and even cuter BCBG white pumps.
2007-11-04 (29 photos) Miss Kitty looks just too adorable in her little black gucci boots~and her cute little floral white skirt. She looks so young and innocent you can't believe this is the same girl who loves to abuse and tear up her shoes!
2007-10-31 (18 photos) Miss Kitty plays super spy while wearing her super sexy black outfit and even hotter black boots!! She looks so stunning-we just can't stop staring at her!!
2007-10-28 (28 photos) Miss Kitty comes out to play dress up in her sexy little school girl outfit. Check out how sexy she looks while wearing her super sleek black pumps! We just love Miss Kitty!
2007-10-24 (19 photos) Kitty puts on her sexy Zanotti boots and a little black dress to give us a peek at where she loves to spend her free time. She enjoys getting all dolled up and checking out her lovely scenary outside her lovely windows!
2007-10-21 (28 photos) Kitty gets into her sexy gear and puts on a show for us! Check out how sexy she looks as she stomps around the sand in her blue jean cut offs and her dirty worn, thigh high boots!!
2007-10-17 (16 photos) Check out the Via Spaga and the boots she got all torn up from previous escapades.
2007-10-14 (19 photos) Kitty bares all for us while wearing her sexy electric blue two piece and her even sexier white boots! Enjoy as she does a little show for us looking as sexy as ever.
2007-10-10 (25 photos) Kaylee decides to go and abuse her lovely pumps by stomping them all around the beach. Watch as she abuses them on the sands rocky pebbles and see how she tears her stockings while doing so!
2007-10-03 (31 photos) Kaylee struts around in her high heels while running along the sands. Watch as she beats up her heels by abusing them on the concrete and making them all nice and dirty!
2007-09-30 (26 photos) Kitty lights up the screen in her torn up white outfit and black pumps. Have you ever seen her look sexier? She looks gorgeous as she uses her pump to scrape against the steps of her porch and looks so beautiful while doing so.
2007-09-26 (24 photos) Kaylee puts on her sexy black and whitle heels and black sheer tights on to strut her stuff along the dirty concrete. Watch as she abuses them and gives them a rough go around along the rocky street!
2007-09-23 (28 photos) Kitty gets all geared up for summer wearing her sexy short shorts and bright blue tankie. She looks super adorable as she takes her boots out for a spin while sitting on a swing!
2007-09-19 (25 photos) Kitty gets all dolled up in her sexy tiny gold bikini and looks hot as she poses in her pumps for us. She is smoking and we just can't stop looking at how gorgeous she looks!
2007-09-16 (19 photos) Kitty looks super sexy while wearing her knee high black boots and pulling out a knife to cut up her croc style sexy Steve Madden pumps, now you can nab these beauties for yourself on ebay. (sold)
2007-09-12 (20 photos) Heather comes to Kitty's office and gets behind the desk to help out. However, Heather just starts to get bored, so Kitty comes out to set her straight and make her get back into working!
2007-09-05 (15 photos) Kitty wears her sexy red teddy with her sheer black stockings and she lights up the screen with her subtle sexiness!!
2007-09-02 (24 photos) Its summer time and its really hot! So Kitty comes out to rest on the front porch and cools off in her sexy white cut up dress and top.
2007-08-29 (14 photos) Kitty gets dressed up in her sexy black cocktail dress and wears her black pumps. She looks so beautiful as she poses with the chair.
2007-08-26 (27 photos) Kitty dressed up in some sexy hot red pumps and abuses her friend while she wears them. She looks so hot and sexy while wearing close to nothing!
2007-08-23 (18 photos) Kitty becomes a sexy undercover spy in her tight hot black outfit. Check it out as she spies on her friends and looks extra hot while doing so!
2007-08-19 (29 photos) Kitty decides its time to have a little fun in the sun and decides to go climbing while wearing her super sexy thigh high black boots. Come with her as she goes for an adventure and you won't be sorry!
2007-08-15 (15 photos) Sasha Singleton comes out to play with our sexy girls of Abused Shoes. She's dressed up in her hot red panties and bra, and then she switches into her sexy all black outfit.
2007-08-12 (19 photos) Wearing her Cavalli boots and parading around the kitchen with her kitchen knife. She comes out to attack her Steve Maddens. Enjoy the show as she cuts them to pieces and soaks them under the sink.
2007-08-08 (16 photos) Kitty tears up the screen in her sexy red baby doll and her black stockings and heels. She's ready to run around the town and abuse anyone who gets in her way.
2007-08-01 (13 photos) Kitty wears her sexy lace baby blue teddy and stuns us all while looking absolutely fabulous! She abuses the chair while wearing her stunning heels!
2007-07-29 (22 photos) Kitty decides she wants to go play in her garden, so she wears her sexy knee high boots and has a little fun. Enjoy the show as she uses her boots to abuse and stomp on all the plants and flowers she can get her heels on!
2007-07-25 (15 photos) Kitty decides to take some time out and abuse her sexy black pumps while she's sitting pretty on the chair. She looks stunning in her tube dress, and even hotter when she's stomping on her shoes!!
2007-07-22 (26 photos) Bright red heels...but she comes out with a vengance! Enjoy the show as she abuses and pushes around her friend in the leg with her sharp heels!!
2007-07-18 (18 photos) Kitty decides that she wants to be a little naughty-so she spies on her friends next door from her bedroom balcony. She looks dazzling as she bends over and sneaks peeks at what they are doing next door!
2007-07-15 (18 photos) Kitty decides its time to tear up her blue Steve Maddens. So she comes out with her helpful knife to chop them up into little pieces. She then uses her knee high black boots to stomp on them, and its so amusing to watch her abuse her shoes.
2007-07-11 (19 photos) Kitty decides that its time to get rid of her dirty old blue steve madden shoes. So what does she decide to do? Well she takes out her sexy black Dior pumps and tears them up with her heels!
2007-07-04 (15 photos) Kitty gets tied up while dressed in her sexy black outfit and white heels. She loves getting abused so much she gets tied up with red rope, and even some sexy ties.
2007-07-01 (23 photos) In an attempt to spice things up, Kitty dress up in baby blue swim suits & white lace up knee high boots, she looks seductive yet innocent.
2007-06-27 (18 photos) Looking sexy and mysterious herself, tightly dressed in black leather body suits and boots, Kitty wonders on her bedroom balcony, spying on her neighbors.
2007-06-24 (26 photos) Mistress Kitty shows us just how well she can abuse her friend in a pair of sexy red stiletto heels. Wearing nothing but black lace stockings, she grinds her feet on his and his most sensitive area.
2007-06-17 (21 photos) Kitty walks in the cold muddy ground wearing tights & Roberto Cavalli thigh high black leather boots. After getting the boots all nice and dirty, she abuses them on her lucky male passenger.
2007-06-13 (21 photos) Kitty comes out to play while wearing her furry black jacket, jeans and sexy knee high boots. She abuses them and shove them into the ice and gets them all nice and wet.
2007-06-10 (19 photos) Kitty comes out to play and destroy her baby blue Steve Maddens. She uses her black Diors to stomp on the Steve Maddens. She then uses her hands to bend them too, and her poor shoes just keep having to take the abuse!
2007-06-06 (16 photos) Kitty comes home to find herself in a nasty predicament. She gets tied up in while wearing her sexy creme pumps. This time its her turned to get abused!
2007-05-27 (27 photos) The girls finally got found, but they still can't get their jeep out of the mud. Watch as Kitty gets down on her hands and knees to attach the cord to pull them out!
2007-05-23 (12 photos) Kitty dominates in this sexy all black leather outfit, accompanied with sexy black knee highs. Kitty really tears up the screne looking drop dead gorgeous!
2007-05-20 (36 photos) Kitty takes a sweet limo ride in sexy cream pump heels, and abuses her companion for fun!
2007-05-16 (21 photos) Kitty rocks it out as a super sexy rock star! She brings out her bad ass gear to abuse her sexy silver shoes. Almost too hot to handle!!!
2007-05-13 (20 photos) Kitty goes for a limo ride, dressed in sexy jeans and a hot tee. She wears her lovely pale heels to stomp on her fellow rider. She loves abusing him with her heels!
2007-05-09 (23 photos) Kitty goes for a drive on this winter day, and decides to go out and get her boots all scuffed up in the snow. She decides to abuse them by getting them all wet, and cold.
2007-05-06 (18 photos) The black Diors come out with a vengance and come out to abuse and destroy her blue steve madden pumps. She stomps, and tears up the shoes by abusing them with her gold heel.
2007-05-02 (16 photos) Kitty gets dressed up wearing her sexy black outfit and cream heels. She decides to get naughty and abuse her heels and tie them up with some red rope.
2007-04-29 (25 photos) Finally some help! The girls meet up some people in a van who direct them out of the muddy mess they were in.
2007-04-25 (17 photos) Lisa and Kitty come out to play in the laundry room. They wear their sexy dresses and dress up shoes to have a little fun while doing their laundry.
2007-04-22 (17 photos) Kitty decides to take a vacation to the rocky beach. She takes her leopard print pumps out for a stroll along the sandy dunes. She abuses them along the rocky stones and has a fun time doing it!
2007-04-11 (23 photos) Ms. Kitty looks extra hot in her rockstar outfit. She wears a sexy tight outfit with super silver pumps that match perfectly with her glitter guitar.
2007-04-01 (18 photos) Kitty wears some sexy Christian Dior shoes, and then alternates them with her blue Steve Maddens. She abuses their feelings by tossing them aside and stomping on them.
2007-03-28 (14 photos) Kitty looks extra sexy in a silk kimono and black corset. Check her out as she lounges on the couch in her cute cream pumps looking all too hot!
2007-03-25 (26 photos) The girls just can't seem to get their jeep out of the mud! They try so hard, and only get their beautiful shoes dirtier in this mucky, brown, mud.
2007-03-21 (16 photos) Kitty and Lisa have some more fun in the laundry room. Lisa does some laundry while Kitty sits and watches her.
2007-03-18 (19 photos) Kitty likes to play by the pool. Here she comes in some sexy gold heels, dipping them into the ice cold water-and splashing them around!
2007-03-11 (21 photos) Kitty takes out her toys again to play with Suna's worn pumps. Here she comes to destroy them with her handy hammer and scissors. Then check out how hot she looks in her new Stuart Weitzman heels.
2007-03-07 (22 photos) Kitty is a rockstasr in her sexy bikini. Her metallic guitar is a perfect accompaniment to her hot rocker chick hair and shoes.
2007-03-04 (17 photos) Kitty has some fun on the beautiful, white, sandy beach. Here she comes to give her leopard print pumps a rough time today.
2007-02-28 (18 photos) Here comes Madame X to take out some more over her frustration on her friend's sexy, hot pink pumps. Watch the continuation of last times abuse on those Jimmy Choo shoes!
2007-02-25 (27 photos) The girls get in a predicament when they get stuck in the mucky mud. Watch as their precious shoes get plastered with the thick mud, and destroyed.
2007-02-21 (16 photos) Kitty and Lisa get to have some fun in the laundry room. Check out Lisa sleek black and pink heels, and Kitty's slinky silver ones.
2007-02-14 (23 photos) Kitty struts her stuff in these electric, gold heels that make her look oh-so-hot! Here she takes a little time out to play in the pool, watch as she threatens to get them soaking wet!
2007-02-07 (21 photos) Seeing that Suna might still be able to repair her shoes and wear them again, Kitty continues to demolish them with her own shiny black Stuart Weitzman pumps. As if grinding them into the ground isnt enough, she takes out the axe and scissors.
2007-02-04 (21 photos) This is what happens when Kitty gets her hands (and heels) on another girls sexy shoes. Watch her trample all over and tear up Suna's pumps with her sharp high heels. She really damages the leather shoes when she grinds them into the ground hard.
2007-01-31 (24 photos) Tearing up her hot leopard print heels at the rocky beach. She abuses her heels amist the pebbles and stones, and loves it!
2007-01-28 (28 photos) Kitty and friend are stuck in the mud and no one else is around to help them out. They will have to get their beautiful shoes. Kitty's black strappy shoes are going to get all messed up! Her friends sexy black knee highs are getting all dirty too. Together they will have fun rolling in the mud and trying to get out of their predicament.
2007-01-24 (14 photos) Lisa and Toni playfully tease each other with their heels. These close up shots will leave you wanting for more.
2007-01-17 (22 photos) Kitty steps on a pair of old shoes with her own Steve Madden silver pumps. The sexy leading lady is determined to show her abusive side.
2007-01-14 (20 photos) Introducing Madame X, a special friend. She guest stars in a sexy serie - hot pink stiletto heels and tons of shoe abuse. Gorgeous Jimmy Choo stilettos are being stepped on by her newest enemy X.
2007-01-10 (16 photos) Kitty wears her leopard strappy sandles while walking across a rocky road in Ibiza. It's hard for anyone to walk in such road condition, not to mention Kitty in her thin stiletto heels. Not only did her heels get stuck between the rocks, the rock edges made terrible scratches on the surface of her shoes.
2007-01-07 (20 photos) As if being in the shower isn't torturous enough for their leather pumps, Kitty and Lyz are getting into a catfight. Lyz is tearing on Kitty's dress and Kitty is stomping on Lyz shoes.
2007-01-03 (27 photos) Our friend from TiedUpFantasies.Com, Maria, is generous enough to give us a taste of what being tied up looks like. Wearing a sexy black mini dress, stockings, and leather pumps. Her choice of fetish accessories? Gag ball and choker.
2006-12-31 (21 photos) Usually Kitty is capable of destroying a pair of shoes all by herself. But this time, she uses a pair of scissors and an axe to do the job. She's having a great time cutting up this pair of old leather heels sent to her by a friend.
2006-12-27 (20 photos) Kitty walks over a small rock hill wearing a pair of black leather vinyl finish boots. For a part of her walk, she steps into the sand as well. The side of her boots are covered in dirt.
2006-12-24 (28 photos) Kitty and her friend are stranded at a muddy area because their truck is stuck. The girls decide to walk around the car and look for the problem. Little did they know, the ground is too muddy and soft to walk on, their heels got stuck in the mud as well.
2006-12-20 (23 photos) Part III of Kitty destroying the pair of pumps her friend send her. Remember these? Kitty is having fun abusing them with a pair of her own heels as well as her hand, bending them in every direction possible.
2006-12-17 (18 photos) Kitty and Liz are getting wet in the shower with their clothes on! The girls are pushing each other around while getting wet. Their leather pumps are taking all the abuse. Even the color of the pumps are turning darker.
2006-12-13 (30 photos) Kitty wears her black leather boots to the hotel pool in Ibiza. Wanting to see water dripping off her boots, Kitty didn't waste any time to get in the pool and get her boots wet.
2006-12-10 (29 photos) As part II of Kitty and Flo's adventure in the shower with whip cream and chocolate syrup. The ladies just love the messy look of their shoes and each other.
2006-12-06 (24 photos) Part II of Kitty destroying the pair of black pumps. To satisfy her taste for beautiful shoes, Kitty changes into a pair of silver pumps by Steve Madden. Continue to destroy the pumps, Kitty dugs her heel into the shoe and even bend it with her hands.
2006-12-03 (28 photos) Kitty does not like to stay on dry land on hot summer days. There she goes again dipping into the pool in this sexy ensemble. Only thing hotter Kitty is her gorgeous boots getting wet.
2006-11-29 (19 photos) Her friend asks her for a favor: to destroy a pair of black leather pumps for him. Showing no mercy, she steps on the shoes with force, causing the shoes to bend.
2006-11-26 (28 photos) Kitty and Michelle are not happy when the yellow Jeep got stuck in the mud. Unfortunately, Michelle's Versace leather knee high boots are pratically destroyed when she tried to push the stucked Jeep.
2006-11-22 (16 photos) Another day at one of Ibiza's natural park. Kitty is fully dressed in a black tank top, sexy mini skirt, stockings, and her show-stopping black shinny vinyl finish boots.
2006-11-19 (17 photos) Kitty walks around the natural ground in Ibiza. All the walking and uneven cement takes a tow on her animal print strappy, pointy toe pumps. As she steps into the sand, the heels disappear into the ground.
2006-11-15 (12 photos) Right before a night out in Hollywood, Kitty shows off her lastest shopping splurge. gorgeous burgundy leather pointy-toe knee high boots with tassle details. Remember this if you can, because the boots won't be this beautiful after Kitty's done with 'em!
2006-11-12 (29 photos) On a hot summer day, Kitty cools off in the pool. Fully dressed in a black mini skirt and sequins top, with sheer black stockings and a pair of high heeled black boots with embroidery details.
2006-11-05 (21 photos) Kitty and Lyz together in the shower. These sexy ladies are committed to destroy each other's leather pumps with water and force.
2006-11-01 (30 photos) An unusual portray of Kitty in a sexy bikini and high heeled pumps. With the pitch black background, the glowing-in-the-dark outfit popped and makes Kitty even more alluring.
2006-10-29 (23 photos) Kitty accidentally drives her yellow jeep into the mud. Dressed in a tight blue body piece and a pair of black stiletto heels, Kitty walks around car in puddles of dirty water and mud.
2006-10-25 (14 photos) Sexy scuffed boots
2006-10-22 (21 photos) Kitty takes a long walk on the beach in a sexy outfit and her pretty black Nine West pumps with red stripes.
2006-10-18 (11 photos) Beautiful Kitty walks around the pool in her new Nine West black pumps with red stripes.
2006-10-15 (26 photos) Kitty loves wearing her shoes in the bathtub. She takes a long bath with her skin tight mini skirt and black leather pumps.
2006-10-11 (16 photos) Strappy sandals and sexy pumps. Lisa and Kitty show off new heels before a night on the town.
2006-10-08 (20 photos) Flo pours chocolate syrup all over and inside Kitty's white Manolos. After having her foot shoved into a shoe full of chocolate, Kitty grabs the bottle and coats Flo's leather boots. Flo gets even by stepping on her with her chocolate covered boots.
2006-10-04 (16 photos) When Cammile gets her hands on Kitty's red Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks she wastes no time. She slips them on and goes out for a walk in the rain taking care to find some puddles to step through. When she gets back home we see close ups of the water stains on the leather. I'm sure Kitty will thank her for that.
2006-10-01 (18 photos) Lyz shows Kitty her brand new black leather pumps after a shopping spree at Nine West and Kitty promptly digs her high heels into them.
2006-09-27 (22 photos) Kitty purrs in a sexy rubber skirt and a pair of brand new patent leather peep-toe pumps in siren red.
2006-09-24 (26 photos) When Kitty gets her Jeep stuck in the mud Michelle is really not happy about having to step out into the mud and getting her shiny new Versace boots dirty. As soon as Kitty steps out of the Jeep she gets her sexy leather slingbacks muddy as well.
2006-09-20 (11 photos) Kitty models her shiny new Nine West leather office pumps. Knowing Kitty these sexy pumps will not stay shiny and new for long.
2006-09-17 (22 photos) Kitty continues climbing the cliffs of Ibiza in her Versace high heeled boots. The wet boots feel more and more comfortable as the leather gets warm and soft around her feet. The boots do show signs of this abuse though.
2006-09-13 (13 photos) Kitty models a sexy pair of leather high heeled boots given to her by her friend Bootluv.
2006-09-10 (24 photos) After a walk on the beach and into the ocean, Kitty's ruined Nine West office pumps are hardly suitable for the office any more. She may just wear them to work anyway. She loves to cause a ruckus.
2006-09-06 (13 photos) Ruined exotic skin Dolce & Gabbana sling backs after a walk through dirt and sand. With scuffs all over the leather and soles and damage to the heels, these shoes are pretty badly ruined.
2006-09-03 (19 photos) Kitty's walking around her garden in her new Stuart Weitzman pumps. She soon realizes that she's badly damaging the leather covering of the high heels. She has to continue her walk anyway, heels digging into the sharp gravel with every step.
2006-08-30 (18 photos) Kitty and Lisa (her other friend Lisa) just fooling around showing off their high heels. Lisa in a sexy pair of Steve Madden stiletto heeled pumps and Kitty in high heeled sandals.
2006-08-27 (28 photos) Kitty and Michelle are having a fun time driving their Jeep down a dirt road. They get out and walk around on the dirt in their sexy dresses and high heels. The trouble starts when Lisa accidentally steps on Kittys new shoes getting them all dirty.
2006-08-23 (14 photos) Kitty and Sasha Singleton fool around in their matching Stuart Weitzman patent leather pumps, stepping on each others shoes until they happen to find a webmaster to step on.
2006-08-20 (22 photos) Kitty walks over some rough terrain and soaks her beautiful Versace boots in this breathtaking Ibiza bay.
2006-08-16 (9 photos) Our sexy model Anne bound in her wet high heeled pumps and leather miniskirt.
2006-08-13 (27 photos) It's a hot day for stockings and leather boots. The swimming pool looks so tempting Kitty decides to dip a boot into the water. The cool water is so inviting she steps in wetting both boots.
2006-08-09 (5 photos) Kitty models a couple of pairs of her sexy leather high heeled boots. She often attracts attention when walking around in heels in public.
2006-08-06 (20 photos) Blueberries, milk and Manolos. After filling Kitty's white Manolo Blahnik pumps with blueberries, she forces her foot back in. Then she helps her wash them out with milk, getting her own sexy boots milky too.
2006-08-02 (13 photos) Sexy thigh high boots after a long day of wear. She's obviously been wearing these boots through some rough terrain not meant for high heeled dress boots. Not only are these boots dirty and badly scuffed, the soles are damaged and starting to separate from the leather uppers.
2006-07-30 (20 photos) These boots are amongst the oldest in Kitty's boot collection. At one time her favorites, they've been worn often. In the rain, to nightclubs, to work. Now they're starting to look worn so she wears them to the beach where they look even better.
2006-07-26 (4 photos) These sexy XOXO high heels have often been worn not only to the office, but to wild parties where they have undergone much abuse. You can see from the scuffs on the toes that they have been stepped on many times. These sexy well worn shoes have been sold on ebay.
2006-07-23 (29 photos) Kitty is such a boot tease. She puts on stockings, then an extremely sexy and well worn pair of leather boots on a very hot day and walks over to take a look at her swimming pool.
2006-07-19 (6 photos) Some candid photos of Kitty sitting at a beachside cafe getting a little sand on her high heeled boots.
2006-07-16 (23 photos) Kitty abuses her new high heeled leather Versace boots walking along some cliffs. When she finally reaches the cool ocean water below, she decides to dip her feet into the water wetting those sexy leather boots.
2006-07-12 (14 photos) Behind the scenes with Kitty and Sasha Singleton. Kitty and Sasha just fooling around before a photo shoot in their matching patent leather Stuart Weitzman high heels and little else. Ouch, those heels hurt!
2006-07-09 (26 photos) Sexy patent leather wetlook photos. Kitty takes a sensual bath in her kinky patent leather Dolce & Gabbana outfit, sheer stockings and leather sling back pumps by Nine West.
2006-07-05 (6 photos) Close up photos of a couple of pairs of Kitty's ruined boots. Her Dolce & Gabbana boots with spurs are actually in even worse condition now but you can already see water stained leather soles and damaged heels. The other pair have also been ruined and sold since these photos.
2006-07-02 (19 photos) Kitty takes a walk through her garden in her sexy red dress and Stuart Weitzman pumps. She scuffs her shoes and heels walking over gravel and rocks and later shows us her damaged heels close up. After the damage these shoes were sold on ebay.
2006-06-28 (9 photos) Meet our super sexy new model Anne Dreyer in her classic leather pumps, leather mini skirt, midriff top and a little artistic bondage.
2006-06-25 (23 photos) After a long hike down the precarious cliffs in her Gianni Versace high heeled leather boots, Kitty decides to cool her feet by stepping into the water. She enjoys the feeling of the cool water flowing into her leather boots.
2006-06-21 (7 photos) Kitty models her sexy black leather high heeled sling back pumps. She slips her bare feet into these sexy shoes and lounges around for some close up photos.
2006-06-18 (20 photos) Kitty goes for a walk in her sexy leather boots. Her high heeled boots get very very dirty and scuffed.
2006-06-14 (16 photos) Artistic photos of Kitty posing in front of a pool of water in her sexy patent leather peep toe pumps and Dolce & Gabbana rubber pencil skirt. Shoes size 6, bright red patent genuine leather. Like new condition. Worn only once for this shoot.
2006-06-11 (24 photos) Kitty bathes in her sexy outfit and high heels. After washing the lotion off her clothes and stockings, she stands up and steps out of the bath, revealing her sexy wet shoes and nylons.
2006-06-07 (12 photos) Justine's ruined shoes. Close up photos of Justine's once pristine leather DKNY pumps. After she got dragged into the pool in them and stepped all over by high heels, these shoes are badly scuffed and the leather is even torn in some places.
2006-06-04 (21 photos) Remember when Kitty spilled milk all over Flo's shiny new boots and stepped on them? Flo's back for more revenge. She fills Kitty's white Manolo Blahnik pumps with blueberries, forces her foot back into her shoes and steps all over them till her shoes are stained inside and out with blueberry juice.
2006-05-31 (18 photos) Toni and Lisa are at it again. A little drunk they fool around trying on various high heeled sandals and pumps.
2006-05-28 (22 photos) Kitty hikes along the treacherous cliffs of Ibiza to get closer to the cool water in her sexy black leather high heeled boots by Gianni Versace.
2006-05-24 (16 photos) In this artistic photo session Kitty's in her Dolce & Gabbana rubber skirt, bra and sexy peep toe patent leather stilettos.
2006-05-21 (21 photos) Kitty drives her Mustang convertible right onto the beach. Quite a shock to the locals when she steps out in a very provocative skin tight dress and red leather high heeled boots. She somehow gets her boots wet and they're a sandy mess by the time she returns to her car.
2006-05-17 (13 photos) Kitty models her sexy outfit with black leather slingback high heels.
2006-05-14 (19 photos) After the muddy parking lot, Kitty stops to examine and dangle her shoes. They're such a mess that she thinks nothing of walking right through the sand in them. By the time she gets to the restaurant her sexy Nine West pumps are a real mess.
2006-05-10 (12 photos) Close up photos of Justine Sands' ruined DKNY leather pumps after a catfight. Judging by the damaged heels and badly scuffed leather it looks like she didn't win that catfight. What a rough night for those ruined leather pumps!
2006-05-07 (19 photos) Kitty's lounging around in her sexy skin tight dress and leather Stuart Weitzman high heels. She dangles those shoes then takes a walk through the house and into the garden where she carelessly damages her heels by walking through gravel.
2006-05-03 (13 photos) Kitty models her sexy black leather high heeled boots, skin tight mini skirt and sexy motorcycle style jacket.
2006-04-30 (23 photos) She takes a walk through puddles and mud in her sexy Italian leather Rossi boots. Several close up after shots of her damaged heels and ruined boots.
2006-04-23 (19 photos) Kitty's having a great time dominating Lyz by stepping all over her with her well worn boots. But when Kitty tries to step on Lyz's shiny new boots, Lyz quickly turns the tables on Kitty to keep her from ruining her boots.
2006-04-19 (6 photos) Kitty models her sexy new Sergio Rossi boots in bed and by the pool. She also models a sexy new pair of leather pumps.
2006-04-16 (24 photos) When Kitty accidentally spills milk into Flo's new high heeled leather boots while serving her, Flo orders her to kneel before her so she can pour milk down her dress, all over her stockings and into her shoes. In all the confusion Kitty steps on Flo's shiny new boots.
2006-04-12 (17 photos) Kitty wanders around on a cruise ship in her sexy skin tight leather dress and patent leather Casadei high heels. This is not your typical cruise attire.
2006-04-09 (17 photos) Susana now knows how it feels when you get stuck walking in the desert and ruining a sexy new pair of patent leather thigh high boots with platforms. Her boots get very dirty and scuffed.
2006-04-05 (6 photos) Kitty goes out for a wild night of partying with her friends Sasha Singleton and Sunisa Kim. Judging from the scuffs, looks like her friends have been stepping all over her sexy white leather boots all night.
2006-04-02 (24 photos) Kitty dangles and plays with her slingbacks by Nine West. Then she walks over to the hot tub and contemplates stepping in fully dressed. Sexy slingbacks, latex Dolce & Gabbana outfit and all.
2006-03-29 (18 photos) Guest photos from Cammile. Cammile had her eye on Kitty's D&G slingbacks. Now that she has her hands on them it looks like they'll soon be wrecked. This time she only dangles them and gets them a little dirty.
2006-03-26 (22 photos) Kitty continues her walk through a muddy parking lot in her sexy yet conservative office pumps by Nine West. The mud gets deeper and not only do her shoes get filthy, muddy water splashes her stockings too. She also walks through gravel and gets her heels caught in some grates.
2006-03-22 (16 photos) After a long day at the office, Kitty slips her bare feet out of her well worn and scuffed Gianmarco Lorenzi high heeled boots. She often wears these boots with tight jeans as she did today.
2006-03-19 (19 photos) Heatherlyn examines the damage she's done to Kitty's Manolo Blahnik pumps after they've dried. The expensive shoes are badly stained by salt and dirt. They're also wrinkled and scuffed beyond repair. But her own boots are in similar condition.
2006-03-15 (8 photos) Kitty plays dress-Up with her sexy Donald J. Pliner high heeled boots, skin tight jeans and fur coat.
2006-03-12 (20 photos) That banana looks good enough to eat but Flo has other ideas. She pulls Kitty's Manolo Blahnik high heel off, stuffs the banana into it and forces it back onto her foot. Then she stomps on her shoe with her shiny boots causing the banana to squish out of her shoe.
2006-03-08 (19 photos) Kitty stops for a few photos before she goes out on the town in her skin tight jeans, brown high heeled leather boots and fur coat.
2006-03-05 (22 photos) Girl on girl trampling! Kitty dominates Lyz by stepping all over her dress and rubbing her dirty well worn boots all over her body. Lyz has a shiny new pair of boots on but they probably won't stay that way for long.
2006-03-01 (7 photos) Kitty's walking around the train station in her sexy skin tight outfit, stockings, garter belt and high heeled leather boots.
2006-02-26 (32 photos) Guest Photos - Cammile abuses Kitty's Stuart Weitzman pumps at the beach. She scuffs the shoes and heels by walking in the sand then walks into the surf wetting her high heels and blue jeans.
2006-02-22 (7 photos) After a night of drinking and dancing in her sexy boots Kitty walks through a muddy parking lot to get back to her car. Its not until she gets to the airport where these photos were taken that she realizes that she's gotten her boots dirty.
2006-02-19 (20 photos) Close up photos of Heatherlyn's boots and Kitty's Manolo Blahnik pumps after their beach catfight. Heatherlyn's boots are soaked and covered in sand but Kitty's Manolos are in worse shape especially after she walks through dirt while they are still wet.
2006-02-12 (27 photos) Kitty's abusing her beautiful ankle boots on the sandy beach.
2006-02-08 (12 photos) Kitty wears her Nine West and Stuart Weitzman shoes to the office for the last time before they are sent to Cammile to be abused.
2006-02-05 (24 photos) Kitty takes a bath in her sexy high heeled pumps and stockings. Then she adds lotion for some extra shine.
2006-02-01 (12 photos) Kitty's not your every day co-worker. She arrives at work driving her Lexus in those sexy high heels which we all know are ruined by now. She's also wearing a Dolce & Gabbana jacket, tight Versace skirt and silk blouse.
2006-01-29 (21 photos) Kitty in Ibiza. She's just parked her car and is walking through the dirt parking lot. She looks stunning in her conservative office pumps and stockings, especially when she has to walk through a little mud since it's been raining.
2006-01-25 (11 photos) At the office wearing her Stuart Weitzman office pumps. These sexy under desk photos show how she dangles and plays with her sexy shoes throughout the day.
2006-01-22 (20 photos) Flo models her sexy new leather high heeled dress boots. These boots may look sexy and shiny but Flo shows off some kicks and how they can be deadly when worn by the right girl!
2006-01-18 (12 photos) Kitty drives to the office in her baby blue Nine West high heels. Watch her pump the pedals of her new Lexus Rx400h.
2006-01-15 (23 photos) Kitty and Heatherlyn struggle in a high heeled catfight on the beach. When Kitty loses her shoes in the surf, Heatherlyn crushes them under her high heeled boots. Kitty begs her to stop before her Manolo Blahnik pumps are ruined.
2006-01-11 (14 photos) Kitty wears her Ralph Lauren high heels to the office. No stockings. Only her bare feet in these sexy high heels all day.
2006-01-08 (21 photos) Kitty is in stockings and her sexy party dress. She steps on Lyz's shiny new boots with her well worn ankle boots. Then she pulls Lyz by her hair down to her feet and commands her to lick her boots clean. When Lyz refuses she finds herself under Kitty's high heels.
2006-01-01 (24 photos) Sexy wetlook in the bath tub with leather high heels, stockings, garter belt and sexy party dress. Then she makes creamy mess of her clothes, nylons and soaked high heels.
2005-12-28 (13 photos) Guest model Nikki Cash poses in several different pairs of sexy high heels. Pumps, boots and platform sandals. She doesn't get any of her heels wet or muddy but maybe we can fix that in the future.
2005-12-25 (22 photos) By the time she gets back to her car her Gucci office loafers are completely caked in mud. Some pedal pumping, some shoe play, a little dangling. Then she takes a shoe off and steps all over it. Since her shoes are ruined, she takes them both off and abandons them.
2005-12-21 (14 photos) Kitty drives her Mercedes to the office wearing jeans and Ralph Lauren high heels. Kitty does a lot of driving in these shoes as you can tell from the worn out leather near the right heel. There are also plenty of scuffs on the heels.
2005-12-18 (25 photos) Kitty gets wet in a leather jacket, stockings and a very sexy well worn pair of red leather high heeled boots. This is her oldest pair of boots. She's worn these boots for many years to parties, to the office, through rain and slush.
2005-12-14 (5 photos) Kitty models her Sergio Rossi thigh high boots. These boots feature 4 inch heels and fine Italian leather.
2005-12-11 (28 photos) She chooses her shiny new high heeled leather boots to wear out for a drive. Unfortunately she parked her car on a dirt road which has gotten really muddy due to the recent rainstorm. By the time she gets to her car her boots are a sloppy mess.
2005-12-07 (14 photos) Kitty puts on her tight jeans and Ralph Lauren high heels. As you can see from the scuffs on her heels she wears these shoes to work often. Then she looks around for her briefcase and drives to the office.
2005-12-04 (24 photos) A sexy bath in a short black dress, garters, black stockings and orange leather high heels.
2005-11-30 (7 photos) My brand new Donald J Pliner boots. I received these sexy boots as a gift from a special fan. I'm going to love abusing these boots. Thanks! Kitty.
2005-11-27 (21 photos) Kitty's Gucci office pumps and stockings are saturated in muddy water by now. She doesn't seem to mind the puddles any more as she happily splashes her way back to the car. She stops to let the water rush into her shoe one more time as she crosses the last muddy puddle.
2005-11-23 (9 photos) Kitty models her clear platform stiletto heels.
2005-11-20 (14 photos) Kitty abuses her Dolce & Gabbana high heeled boots with spurs on the beach. She walks over sharp rocks damaging the heels and leather.
2005-11-16 (5 photos) I wore these boots out to a party. It was so crowded it seemed like everyone was stepping on my toes and kicking my boots. I was having so much fun I didn't care. I just drank and danced all night. Now look at my boots. They're really scuffed and dirty.
2005-11-13 (22 photos) Kitty and Lyz model their high heeled leather boots and sexy black dresses. Kitty's got stockings on while Lyz wears her boots bare legged.
2005-11-09 (9 photos) Kitty goes shopping and walks around all day in her well worn Steve Madden pumps. On her trip she finds a pair of socks to wear over her shoes. Later her feet are tired so she takes a shortcut and walks through the grass in her heels.
2005-11-06 (20 photos) Kitty had so much fun splashing through puddles in her friend's cheap red pumps, she decides to go for a walk down a muddy path and really messes up those sexy high heels.
2005-11-02 (20 photos) Kitty models her sexy outfit, stockings and orange high heeled pumps in bed. Then she crosses her legs and dangles those sexy shoes.
2005-10-30 (22 photos) Gianmarco Lorenzi high heeled dress boots on the beach. After a walk through the sand these high heeled boots are wet, scuffed and dirty, just like they should be.
2005-10-26 (10 photos) Kitty models her new favorite boots. High heeled leather boots by Christian Dior.
2005-10-23 (20 photos) Looks like Kitty's going to have to walk through lots of mud and water in her Gucci office shoes to get out of this one!
2005-10-19 (9 photos) Kitty models her high heeled sandals and lingerie.
2005-10-16 (14 photos) Kitty abuses her high heeled Dolce & Gabbana boots with spurs by walking on the beach and sharp rocks. Quite unusual treatment for a $1200 pair of boots.
2005-10-12 (9 photos) Kitty models her Gianmarco Lorenzi high heeled leather pirate boots.
2005-10-09 (15 photos) Kitty has so much fun splashing through puddles in her friend's cheap red pumps that she continues until they are completely soaked. Then she gets her heels stuck in the grass.
2005-10-05 (7 photos) Kitty shows off her sexy toes in her high heeled sandals.
2005-10-02 (22 photos) A bubble bath in Bally high heels and miniskirt.
2005-09-28 (17 photos) Kitty models her new patent leather Dolce & Gabbana outfit, Sergio Rossi high heeled boots, stockings and garter belt dangerously close to a hot tub full of warm water.
2005-09-25 (22 photos) The muddy water gets deeper, filling her shoes and soaking her feet. Her left shoe gets stuck in the mud and sucked off her foot causing her to step into the water in her stockings. Water immediately fills her shoe. She forces her muddy foot back into her shoe forcing the water to splash out of her shoe and onto her stockings.
2005-09-21 (5 photos) Well worn Gucci shoes. Apparently her favorites, these shoes have been worn extensively. Long walks through rain, gravel, dirt roads. And that's just natural wear. She's had them re-soled and shined but these shoes still look well worn.
2005-09-18 (27 photos) Cammile receives Kitty's baby blue Nine West pumps as expected and immediately takes them rock climbing, badly scuffing the pointy toes. Not satisfied yet, she soaks the shoes walking in the surf, takes them off, stomps them into the sand and drops a huge rock on them. Then she squeezes her feet back into the crushed shoes for another rough walk back to the car.
2005-09-14 (7 photos) Kitty models her Roberto Cavalli thigh high boots, stockings and garterbelt. Then her high heeled bedroom slippers.
2005-09-11 (19 photos) Kitty and Heatherlyn take a stocking clad high heeled walk on the beach. Those expensive shoes and boots get nicely dirty and scuffed by the sand and rocks.
2005-09-07 (5 photos) Kitty models her denim high heeled boots. She wore these boots often. One day she wore these boots to a night club and changed into another pair and these boots were stolen from her.
2005-09-04 (20 photos) Its been raining and Kitty's afraid she'll wet her new Dior boots. Luckily she finds a friend's cheap red pumps in the footwell of her car. She figures nobody could possibly care if these shoes got wet. She slips them on and takes a wet muddy walk.
2005-08-31 (10 photos) Kitty happily models her baby blue Nine West pumps unaware that they will soon be abused by fellow shoe abuse model Cammile. Had she only read our forum before she got dressed for the office that day.
2005-08-28 (22 photos) Kitty scuffs her heels and wets her Gianmarco Lorenzi boots walking on the beach.
2005-08-24 (7 photos) Kitty models her sexy Gucci boots and skin tight leather dress.
2005-08-21 (17 photos) Susanas car breaks down and she walks into the desert in her leather jacket, sexy miniskirt and patent leather thigh high boots with platformswhich get dirty and scuffed walking through the sand. She sees her boots ruined when rocks tear the leather heel covering.
2005-08-17 (5 photos) Kitty models her white NYLA high heels.
2005-08-14 (20 photos) No choice but to step off the rocks and back into the mud. Her shoe gets stuck in the mud and almost sucked off her foot. Muddy water rushes into her Gucci shoes wetting her stockings and feet.
2005-08-10 (10 photos) Kitty models her patent leather boots with 4 inch heels.
2005-08-07 (20 photos) Kitty and Heatherlyn continue their walk in their dirty high heels. Kitty in Manolo Blahnik pumps and Heatherlyn in sexy high heeled boots.
2005-08-03 (23 photos) Kitty gets her Sergio Rossi high heels dirty walking in the park then decides to climb a tree while still in heels. She also gets some gum stuck to her shoe and does some modeling and pedal pumping in her BMW M3.
2005-07-31 (24 photos) Kitty pours milk all over her $300 Sergio Rossi pumps. Then she fills her shoe with milk and puts it back on her foot.
2005-07-27 (7 photos) Kitty models her sexy new boots and Nine West pumps.
2005-07-24 (24 photos) Kitty's fully dressed in leather jacket, high heeled boots and stockings at the hot tub. Kitty loves wet leather!
2005-07-20 (8 photos) Kitty models her black high heeled sandals and miniskirt which very nicely complement her long sexy legs.
2005-07-17 (20 photos) She tries to get back to her car without wetting her Gucci office shoes again. While walking on a muddy tire track her shoe sinks into the mud. Her foot slips out of her shoe revealing a wet muddy stocking. She quickly steps onto some rocks to save her shoes from further damage.
2005-07-13 (6 photos) She dangles her Nine West office heels and walks all over them in her bare feet. These purple pumps are comfortable to walk in so she often wears them to work.
2005-07-10 (21 photos) Bubble bath in her $300 Bally leather pumps again. With all the wear and repeated soaking, the leather is starting to look really dull, worn and wrinkled.
2005-07-06 (19 photos) Kitty's Steve Madden pumps. The heel is not as high as her other shoes so she often wears these when she has to walk long distances or in adverse conditions so they are getting pretty well worn.
2005-07-03 (16 photos) Kitty drives Heatherlyn to the park. They step out for a walk but when Heatherlyn sees her boots are getting dirty she grabs Kitty's skirt and kicks a bootfull of dirt onto her shiny Manolo Blahnik pumps.
2005-06-29 (8 photos) Kitty models her white patent ultra high heels and Nine West black and red leather pumps along with a sexy miniskirt and stockings.
2005-06-26 (16 photos) Nicole bends Kitty over a wall and steps on her spur threatening to snap it off her boot. Then she steps on her leather outfit, rubs her shoe on her panties and does some boot licking.
2005-06-22 (10 photos) Kitty models her clear ultra high heeled platform shoes so popular with the exotic dancers and sexy lingerie.
2005-06-19 (21 photos) Kitty scuffs the high heels and leather of her $650 Gianmarco Lorenzi boots by wearing them on the beach. The fine Italian leather soaks up moisture from the wet sand.
2005-06-15 (8 photos) Kitty dangles her silver Steve Madden high heels. Also, she models her beige XOXO high heels. The vamps show wear and scuffs from being stepped on and kicked in crowded parties. There is also damage to the heels perhaps from rough terrain or driving.
2005-06-12 (20 photos) Kitty steps out of the car to see if its safe to keep going. Her Gucci office shoes break the surface into the mud below. After her heel gets stuck she almost loses a shoe and stumbles through a puddle onto a rock.
2005-06-08 (9 photos) Nine West pumps before and after years of natural wear and tear. Close up photos of these shoes dirty and well worn. The leather on the toes and heels has been scuffed and scratched. Then they were sold on Ebay.
2005-06-05 (19 photos) Kitty models her brown high heels at the beach soaking them and confusing the beachgoers.
2005-06-01 (14 photos) prada
2005-05-29 (24 photos) Go ahead, you can feel them. I know you want to. Nicole immediately gets on her knees and runs her hands all over the soft leather of Kitty's $1200 Dolce & Gabbana boots. Nicole's hands venture further up her legs...
2005-05-22 (20 photos) Kitty's is used to dominating men so having Roni's dirty shoes step all over her body is strangely exciting. In all the excitement, one of her heels tears Roni's pantyhose.
2005-05-18 (10 photos) These beautiful eel skin slingbacks by Dolce & Gabbana were very expensive. How well will they they hold up when worn in an abusive manner? There's only one way to find out. Any suggestions?
2005-05-15 (21 photos) After a long drive in her Gucci office pumps, Kitty's lost. She abuses her shoes by kicking her car and sharp rocks, then accidentally stumbles into the mud!
2005-05-11 (19 photos) These patent leather boots were so beautiful I had to wear them into the hot tub. Then I sold them on Ebay.
2005-05-08 (22 photos) By popular demand, Kitty soaks her fine italian leather boots and leather pants in the hot tub.
2005-05-05 (10 photos) Kitty has worn this pair of boots for over 6 years. They've been worn through slush and stepped on repeatedly in the nightclubs of Manhattan. There are signs of natural wear and tear on every inch of these boots.
2005-05-01 (18 photos) Bath Time - Wet Italian Leather High Heeled Boots!
2005-04-30 (7 photos) I've often worn these NYLA heels to parties but after a drunken evening on the beach I ended up in an outdoor shower in them and they never looked the same after that so I sold them on Ebay.
2005-04-27 (8 photos) Modeling for photos in red Dolce & Gabbana thigh high boots. These boots are unusually sexy for a high fashion designer. Just wait til you see what happens to them later!
2005-04-24 (20 photos) Kitty Meets Roni Photostory Part 3 - Roni digs her heel into Kitty's shoe and caresses her body until she gets so aroused she finally gives in. The girls can't keep their hands and high heels off each other.
2005-04-20 (13 photos) Trampling and teasing with the leather high heeled Versace boots. Its hard to take pictures when you're busy stepping on someone.
2005-04-17 (19 photos) Kitty's brown leather high heels are too tight for her feet and since they're a little dirty anyway she steps into the ocean to soften up the leather and stretch them out so they'll be more comfortable.
2005-04-13 (13 photos) Kitty dangles her shoe over the water as she considers getting wet in the jacuzzi with her new Christian Dior pumps and patent leather Dolce & Gabbana dress.
2005-04-10 (20 photos) Pedal pumping in Gucci office loafers after work - she then kicks off her shoes and drives in her stocking feet while her shoes slide around the dirty floor of the car. Her shoes are scuffed and dirty by the time she puts them back on.
2005-04-06 (10 photos) Kitty models her golden high heeled sandals with matching panties and a very sheer nightie.
2005-04-03 (20 photos) She has tried to clean her $300 Bally high heels after walking through mud in them but they still look dirty and worn. Perhaps after washing her shoes in bubble bath she can wear them to the office again. Extreme close-ups.
2005-03-30 (0 photos) Story - A rich lady's Rolls Royce gets stuck in the mud and she's forced to continue her trip down the muddy road in her high heels.
2005-03-27 (22 photos) Kitty takes a bubble bath wetting her Dolce & Gabbana steel spike heels.
2005-03-23 (21 photos) After getting her Sergio Rossi shoes dirty walking in the park, Kitty climbs a tree in high heels. This scuffs up her shoes even more.
2005-03-20 (20 photos) Kitty Meets Roni Photostory Part 3 - Roni gets her foot back into her mud filled shoe and the girls get into a catfight muddying their panty hose and sexy outfits and scuffing their shoes.
2005-03-16 (9 photos) Kitty takes some photos of her sexy red leather boots in the office. She wonders if her co-workers can tell that she's worn these boots though mud and in the ocean before.
2005-03-13 (22 photos) An outdoor shower in high heels, stockings and leather miniskirt.
2005-03-09 (22 photos) Kitty gets strangely aroused when when Scarlett forces her into the hot tub fully dressed in office attire, soaking her Bally high heels, skirt and leather jacket and invites her in to soak her leather boots and pants too.
2005-03-06 (21 photos) Italian leather spike heeled boots and leather pants soaked in the hot tub.
2005-03-02 (9 photos) Fuzzy high heeled bedroom slippers and undergarments. Oh so sexy.
2005-02-27 (20 photos) Kitty Meets Roni Photostory Part 2 - The girls scuffle in their heels until Roni's shoe gets stuck in the mud forcing her to step out of it to prevent falling in the mud. Kitty stomps down hard on it sinking it deep into the mud.
2005-02-23 (13 photos) Kitty wears her high heeled boots to the office.
2005-02-20 (23 photos) Kitty's drinking problem. She can't seem to drink milk without spilling it all over her sexy Bally pumps and stockings.
2005-02-16 (10 photos) Remember these boots? I wore them in the ocean in Hawaii several years ago. And here I am wearing them in the office. Who says salt water is bad for high heels? My co-workers certainly don't seem to notice.
2005-02-13 (20 photos) Kitty 's sexy leather boots get dirty and scuffed while she explores and climbs on the remains of an abandoned beach house so she walks into the ocean letting the salt water rush in to soak her feet and wet the soft leather.
2005-02-09 (6 photos) Kitty at the office in her lacy pants and sexy sling back shoes. She points out some damage from everyday wear and tear.
2005-02-06 (20 photos) Kitty Meets Roni Photostory Part 1 - Kitty drives in her new Sergio Rossi pumps to meet Roni. Roni leads her to a dirt path causing her to splash her shoes, pins her against a tree and forces her leg between her thighs.
2005-02-02 (19 photos) Kitty puts on a short dress and her Dolce & Gabbana sandals to go out dancing.
2005-01-30 (21 photos) Rough terrain in a rubber miniskirt, high heels and stockings. Kitty scuffs up her boot heels walking on sand and cracked cement.
2005-01-26 (20 photos) Kitty wore these gold strappy sandals and short skirt to the office today to distract her co-workers with her sexy feet and legs and a few peeks at her panties.
2005-01-23 (24 photos) When Scarlett finds out Kitty's been trying on her boots, she forces her into the hot tub in her leather jacket and $300 Bally pumps.
2005-01-19 (14 photos) High heels popping balloons.
2005-01-16 (21 photos) Bustier, leather miniskirt, stockings, garter belt and high heels soaked in the ocean.
2005-01-09 (24 photos) Kitty decides that her expensive Italian leather boots need a good washing.
2005-01-05 (6 photos) Scarlett's not home so Kitty sneaks into her closet and tries on her boots, bringing back memories of how Scarlett abused her with them.
2005-01-02 (25 photos) Molested By Heels - Part 4 - Scarlett polishes her boots on Kitty's panties then punishes her by digging her heel into her leather pumps.
2004-12-29 (20 photos) Dirty Scuffed Sergio Rossi Lace Up Shoes - notice the close up shots of the damage Kitty's done to the surface of this sexy pair of high heels while trying to climb that fence.
2004-12-26 (23 photos) Dolce & Gabbana high heels bubble bath.
2004-12-22 (6 photos) Well worn Stuart Weitzman pumps. These pumps are very comfortable and are worn to the office often but they have not seen much abuse yet.
2004-12-19 (19 photos) Thigh High Boots Domination - Part 3 - Mistress D stomps Kitty's sexy slingbacks, badly scuffing the leather and bending the heels. She finishes by kicking them into the pool and commanding Kitty to go in after them.
2004-12-15 (7 photos) Suede Versace Slingbacks.
2004-12-12 (20 photos) Velvet knee high boots soaked in the hot tub.
2004-12-08 (8 photos) Kitty appears on the cover of the December 2004 issue of DSPORT Magazine. 2 covers, 5 page article and 2 page spread. Autographed copies available at her site.
2004-12-05 (29 photos) Wet Guess pumps at the beach.
2004-12-01 (6 photos) Open Toed Shoes
2004-11-28 (21 photos) Kitty wets her new Sergio Rossi heels at the water fountain, badly scuffs them while climbing a fence then takes a careless walk through the dirt.
2004-11-24 (8 photos) Kitty's low heels.
2004-11-17 (9 photos) Although these Gucci boots have not been through the mud or snow yet, they are amongst Kitty's favorites and and get worn a lot so they are already showing some wear. Very delicate. She better be careful this winter.
2004-11-14 (24 photos) Molested In Heels - Part 3 - Scarlett dominates Kitty by stepping all over her, rubbing her boot between her legs and stepping on her shoe threatening to break her heel off.
2004-11-10 (7 photos) New Pink Boots
2004-11-07 (18 photos) Thigh High Boots Domination - Part 2 - Mistress D steps on Kitty and forces her to soak her sexy officewear. She then commands her to lick her thigh boots dry and steps on her shoe scuffing it badly on the concrete.
2004-11-03 (9 photos) Kitty models her new Sergio Rossi knee boots and shows off the soft supple leather up close.
2004-10-31 (16 photos) Dolce & Gabbana Slingbacks Ruined Walking In Salt Water And Sand.
2004-10-27 (22 photos) Molested In Heels - Part 2 - Scarlett presses her leather clad thigh between Kitty's legs pinning her to the wall. She grabs her hair and steps down hard on both of Kitty's shiny shoes. She twists her boot, scraping the delicate leather.
2004-10-24 (21 photos) BMW M3 pedal pumping, a walk through grass in high heels, high heels stuck in grate.
2004-10-20 (7 photos) Close up photos of Kitty's Sergio Rossi lace up high heels. She's taking them out driving again this weekend.
2004-10-17 (15 photos) Walking on the Beach and Into the Ocean in Dolce & Gabbana Slingbacks
2004-10-12 (12 photos) Clear platform heels and red stockings.
2004-10-10 (18 photos) Thigh High Boots Domination - Part 1 - Kitty's ready to model her miniskirt and heels but when Mistress D shows up in her thigh high boots Kitty's afraid she may force her to ruin another pair of shoes.
2004-10-06 (9 photos) Dangling shiny new Guess pumps.
2004-10-03 (18 photos) BMW M3 Pedal Pumping in Sergio Rossi lace up high heels.
2004-09-29 (14 photos) High Heels and Balloons
2004-09-26 (16 photos) Kitty Tears Up Her Dolce & Gabbana Slingbacks On Sharp Rocks And Coral.
2004-09-19 (25 photos) Molested In Heels - Part 1 - When Kitty resists Scarlett's advances, Scarlett steps on her shoes so she can't move while she has her way with her.
2004-09-15 (22 photos) Lingerie, thong and clear platforms.
2004-09-12 (21 photos) Leather miniskirt, stockings and heels. Kitty soaks her sexy outfit and REVEALS HER TRUE IDENTITY!
2004-09-08 (16 photos) Kitty decides to wear her well worn Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks today. She needs to walk through some rough terrain today and doesn't want to risk messing up a new pair of heels.
2004-09-05 (20 photos) Kitty meets Nicole - Part 2 - Upset that Kitty scuffed her new shoes, Nicole tries to ruin Kitty's boots and throws her fur coat in the shower but her plans backfire as Kitty strips her and dishes out some severe boot abuse.
2004-09-01 (18 photos) Driving in her new Steve Madden pumps.
2004-08-29 (40 photos) A sexy high heeled lesbian domination shower scene.
2004-08-26 (12 photos) A walk on the beach in leather high heeled boots and jeans.
2004-08-22 (30 photos) Remember the ruined Bally pumps? Here the are brand new. The first day they've ever been worn. Kitty's already scuffed the heels walking up a cliff and she almost lost them dangling them off the side..
2004-08-18 (12 photos) Modeling platform shoes, stockings and garter belt.
2004-08-15 (14 photos) Kitty soaks her thigh high boots in the hot tub then tries to dry them over fire.
2004-08-11 (10 photos) Guest Photos - Santana soaks another pair of sandals and fishnet stockings.
2004-08-08 (18 photos) Wearing her D&G slingbacks in the waterfall.
2004-08-05 (18 photos) Dolce & Gabbana pumps and stockings.
2004-08-01 (23 photos) Kitty drives her Ferrari in her denim high heeled boots.
2004-07-28 (12 photos) Sexy pointy toed boots. These pictures were taken right before these boots got soaked and abused.
2004-07-25 (25 photos) Mistress D orders Kitty to lick her wet boots. When she refuses, she steps all over her leather miniskirt and abuses her with her boots and spurs.
2004-07-22 (25 photos) Mistress D orders Kitty to dig her heels into a pair of her own D&G shoes. She wants to see the leather scuffed and torn.
2004-07-18 (14 photos) Kitty tries to burn her thigh high boots while wearing them then cools them off in the hot tub!
2004-07-15 (11 photos) Walking through gravel in Gucci high heels.
2004-07-11 (25 photos) Mistress D looks down at Kitty's feet and is displeased by her worn out boots. She commands her to go change into her best shoes for a photo shoot. Kitty comes back in her new D&G ankle strap pumps.
2004-07-09 (9 photos) Mistress D orders Kitty to put on a sexy pair of boots and bring her Manolo Blahnik pumps along for her to borrow. Kitty wears an old pair of boots but watches nervously as Mistress D dangles her delicate pumps from her toes.
2004-07-04 (15 photos) The Trampled Photographer - Part 5 - She cleans her shoes on her new shoe slave's clothes, makes him finish with his hands and orders him to refer to her as Mistress from now on.
2004-06-30 (15 photos) Professional photos of Kitty in her miniskirt and her $500 Dolce & Gabbana pumps with her Ferrari 360 Modena. These star shoes has appeared in so many of Kitty's shoots over the years, now offered exclusively to you to own. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. (sold)
2004-06-26 (23 photos) Kitty carelessly pours milk all over her leather dress and into her boots.
2004-06-20 (25 photos) After a photo shoot Kitty models the extra baby oil on her Aldo patent leather stilettos.
2004-06-12 (20 photos) The Trampled Photographer - Part 4 - She digs the sharp heels of her completely soaked shoes into his boots, nipples and other important areas.
2004-06-06 (19 photos) Kitty soaks her leather boots at the beach.
2004-06-03 (10 photos) Guest Photos - Santana soaks her strappy sandals in a parking lot.
2004-05-27 (10 photos) Guest Photos - Santana walks through a large puddle in her open toe sandals and fishnet stockings.
2004-05-23 (29 photos) Kitty takes a walk on the beach in her leather Sergio Rossi pumps.
2004-05-19 (19 photos) Pedal pumping shots from Kitty's magazine photo shoot. The magazine readers missed out on these.
2004-05-16 (20 photos) The Trampled Photographer - Part 2 - Her photographer stops by. She notices his shiny boots and asks how he got down that dirt road. She obviously doesn't appreciate his answer and gives him the trampling of his life.
2004-05-12 (10 photos) Guest Photos - Santana wears a miniskirt and leather jacket and wets her sandals and stockings.
2004-05-09 (10 photos) Kitty takes a walk in the woods in her fine Italian leather high heels by Sergio Rossi.
2004-05-05 (3 photos) This 3 page article in a car magazine features Kitty and her Ferrari and includes several photos from the 3/14/04 set.
2004-05-02 (12 photos) She sits down to examine the damage she's done to her dirty D&G slingback shoes running down a muddy dirt road during a thunderstorm.
2004-04-25 (20 photos) Kitty confuses beachgoers with her choice of footwear then is forced to walk through a puddle to get to the trunk of her car.
2004-04-18 (27 photos) The fate of her favorite Bally pumps - Part 3 - She does some pedal pumping in her dirty damaged shoes. They're no longer suitable to wear to work so she places them in the "abused" section of her shoe collection.
2004-04-11 (29 photos) The fate of her favorite Bally pumps - Part 2 - She parks next to a muddy puddle and steps right into it. Before she can get back in her car one shoe gets sucked off her foot and falls over into the water.
2004-04-06 (12 photos) Guest Photos - Wet slides and stockings.
2004-04-04 (22 photos) The fate of her favorite Bally pumps - Part 1 - They're so comfortable she often wears them to work as well as to parties. Today she goes out for a drive.
2004-03-31 (10 photos) Santana's wet sandals and stockings.
2004-03-28 (24 photos) Kitty continues bathing in her red NYLA high heels.
2004-03-25 (9 photos) Santana continues to wet her pumps and stockings.
2004-03-21 (16 photos) Kitty wanders through the woods in her sexy red boots. She ends up on a beach and dips those red leather boots in the salt water.
2004-03-17 (10 photos) Guest Photos - Santana walks into a lake in her pumps and stockings.
2004-03-14 (20 photos) Professional photos of Kitty in leather pants, snakeskin jacket, Dolce & Gabbana pumps and her Ferrari taken for a car magazine. She also made sure the photographer took a few pedal pumping shots.
2004-03-07 (25 photos) Bathing in red NYLA high heels.
2004-02-28 (12 photos) Kitty Meets Heatherlyn - Part 4 - The girls press their wet leather clad bodies together in a sexy beach catfight. After the struggle they examine the damage they have done to each other's shoes.
2004-02-21 (12 photos) Kitty Meets Heatherlyn - Part 3 - Not satisfied with the soaking she has given Kitty, Heatherlyn presses her wet high heels into the most delicate parts of her body.
2004-02-16 (7 photos) Guest Photos - Santana soaks her black pumps walking through a puddle.
2004-02-14 (12 photos) Kitty Meets Heatherlyn - Part 2 - Heatherlyn soaks Kitty's Dolce & Gabbana heels and leather jacket and uses her shoe to pour water down the front of her designer leather dress.
2004-02-08 (12 photos) Dolce & Gabbana vs Prada Story - Conclusion - More close ups of the damage to both pairs of totally ruined high heels. She lounges around in Mindy's Prada pumps waiting for her to come home.
2004-02-06 (9 photos) Kitty Meets Heatherlyn - Part 1 - The girls take a walk to the beach in their fancy high heels and leather clothes. Their shoes get dirty and then wet.
2004-02-01 (18 photos) Dolce & Gabbana vs Prada Story - Part 7 - Kitty examines her shoe damage and cools off in the ocean in Mindy's leather pumps… and nothing else. Also close-ups of heel and leather damage to both pairs of shoes.
2004-01-27 (10 photos) Guest Photos - Santana soaks her feet and sandals crossing a parking lot puddle.
2004-01-25 (22 photos) Dolce & Gabbana vs Prada Story - Part 6 - A walk over sand and rocks in wet leather shoes.
2004-01-21 (10 photos) Guest Photos - Santana soaks her dressy pumps
2004-01-18 (22 photos) Dolce & Gabbana vs Prada Story - Part 5 - Soaking her dirty Dolce & Gabbana shoes in the ocean.
2004-01-14 (11 photos) Guest Photos - Santana wets her feet, sandals and stockings
2004-01-11 (26 photos) Dolce & Gabbana vs Prada Story - Part 4 - She continues digging her sharp heels into Mindy's pumps then walks through sand, sharp rocks and water badly scuffing her heels.
2004-01-04 (20 photos) Dolce & Gabbana vs Prada Story - Part 3 - She finds Mindy's shiny Prada pumps in the car and stomps them into the dirt with her muddy slingbacks.
2003-12-28 (19 photos) Walking along the beach in her leather pumps. Kitty finds her enemy's black leather boots. She tramples them with her heels and kicks them into the water.
2003-12-21 (30 photos) Kitty continues her day of pedal pumping and sightseeing in her Bally classic pumps. Although not designed for rough rocky terrain, her shoes seem to be taking it well.
2003-12-20 (22 photos) Guest Photos - Cleo and Mikayla lick and play with each other's feet and high heels in bed.
2003-12-14 (21 photos) Dolce & Gabbana vs Prada Story - Part 2 - She walks back to her car in muddy slingbacks and pumps the gas pedal to start the engine.
2003-12-11 (5 photos) Guest Photos - Santana's debut - she wets her feet by walking through a puddle wearing one shoe and one sandal.
2003-12-07 (20 photos) Kitty wets her patent leather pumps at the pool.
2003-11-30 (30 photos) Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks vs Prada Pumps Story - Part 1 - Mindy tricks her into wearing her Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks into the mud.
2003-11-23 (40 photos) Photo-Story: Kayaking in leather boots and skin tight miniskirt.
2003-11-09 (16 photos) Kitty continues to soak her D&G slingbacks in the pool at Mistress D's command.
2003-11-02 (15 photos) 28Wet high heeled boots in the bathtub.
2003-10-26 (19 photos) Kitty continues to soak her leather Aldo pumps at the beach.
2003-10-23 (6 photos) By popular request, we've dug up photos of Serena stepping out of her car into a puddle then wetting her sexy high heels in a fountain.
2003-10-19 (24 photos) Kitty wets her designer boots in the surf.
2003-10-12 (30 photos) Kitty puts on her new Bally classic pumps and goes for a drive and a walk outdoors through rough terrain.
2003-10-05 (22 photos) Kitty steps into the pool wetting her sexy Aldo pumps.
2003-09-28 (22 photos) Kitty gets tied up in the bathtub with the faucet left dripping on her sexy high heels, and her panties pulled down around her ankles!
2003-09-21 (20 photos) A walk on the beach in white Manolo Blahnik pumps.
2003-09-15 (20 photos) On the way home from work in her pin striped miniskirt, Kitty takes a detour and gets her conservative office pumps dirty.
2003-09-08 (18 photos) After Mistress D shows her who's boss, Kitty obediently enters the pool soaking her leather D & G sling back pumps.
2003-08-21 (23 photos) Lizz goes wading in her patent leather thigh high boots.
2003-08-17 (14 photos) Dolce & Gabbana stiletto heeled steel tip boots, leather skirt and ripped stockings in mud and at the beach.
2003-08-10 (16 photos) Kitty bathes in boots, garter belt, stockings and miniskirt.
2003-08-03 (12 photos) Platform sandals in the waterfall.
2003-07-26 (17 photos) FAQ: How many pairs of Manolo Blahnik pumps in the world have ever been under water?
2003-07-22 (9 photos) Our guest gets whipped cream all over her pumps.
2003-07-19 (21 photos) Her stockings and 90's style boots soaked in the ocean.
2003-07-14 (20 photos) Well worn boots and well worn very abused Prada pumps.
2003-07-11 (31 photos) Glamorous Prada pumps in the sink, on a cement wall, in mud, trampling, walking on rocks, at the beach, underwater.
2003-06-29 (20 photos) Sexy Italian leather boots stomp patent leather pumps into the mud. Close ups show considerable abuse to the boots also.
2003-06-22 (16 photos) The last time you'll see these pristine red D&G sling backs in this condition. - A walk in the woods in Gucci office pumps. - Red D&G thigh high boots in the bedroom.
2003-06-15 (18 photos) Dress boots on the beach. Heels get badly scuffed digging into sharp rocks and coral. Salt water soaks the fine leather.
2003-06-09 (18 photos) 6Kitty models leather Aldo shoes on the beach.
2003-06-04 (27 photos) AClassyWoman's walk turns muddy. Then she sits down to inspect her muddy classic pumps
2003-05-27 (24 photos) AClassyWoman's debut: Classic pumps get dirty as she walks through a grass field.
2003-05-25 (19 photos) Black patent leather Mary Jane pumps. High heels by Gucci and D&G. Kitty's boots are on fire!
2003-05-18 (18 photos) Pictures taken during our catfight video where the loser's patent leather pumps are stomped into the mud by expensive Italian leather boots.
2003-05-11 (16 photos) Kitty hanging around the pool in her Manolo Blahnik pumps and Dolce & Gabbana sling backs.
2003-05-04 (25 photos) Four pairs of designer footwear. Ralph Lauren boots. Dangling pumps by Guess and Gianni Barbato pumps.
2003-04-27 (20 photos) Wet and sexy pics of Kitty wetting her patent leather pumps.
2003-04-20 (15 photos) Kitty dirties her sexy Italian leather boots in the desert and some pedal pumping in her Hummer
2003-04-07 (20 photos) House painting in her Sergio Rossi pumps. "Before" pictures of those breakfast boots
2003-03-30 (16 photos) Leather Manolo Blahnik pumps, black stockings, and leather skirt abused at the beach
2003-03-23 (16 photos) Ankle strap pumps and scuffed leather boots
2003-03-16 (25 photos) Breakfast: bananas, eggs, sugar, starch, syrup, high heels, stockings, and garter belt.
2003-03-02 (20 photos) Sexy steel tipped Dolce & Gabbana boots before and after a walk through the mud.
2003-02-17 (22 photos) Black stockings, garter belt and Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks crushing bananas. Shoes worn with banana inside.
2003-02-01 (24 photos) Dolce & Gabbana Leather Skirt Suit and Roberto Cavalli Thigh High Boots
2003-01-02 (24 photos) Off roading in her Hummer and Italian leather boots she steps out and gets her high heeled boots all dirty.
2002-12-27 (15 photos) Kitty shares her sexy memories of a beautiful day in the Caribbean. She heads for the beach in her red hot Manolo Blahnik pumps and sexy black leather outfit for some wet fun.
2002-12-19 (18 photos) White minidress and pointy toe ankle strap stilettos.
2002-11-14 (19 photos) Dolce & Gabbana boots in the mud and at the beach
2002-11-05 (11 photos) Kitty's photo story about her mischievous day in high heels at her neighbor's pool.
2002-10-22 (14 photos) Kitty wanders onto the grounds of a neighbor's home in her shiny new black pumps.
2002-10-01 (15 photos) Shiny new Prada pumps in the sink and on the beach