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2013-01-11 (33 photos) Two girls shower in heels. A Wetlook Girls set.
2013-01-09 (14 photos) My Charles David Sway pumps up close. Though not very durable, I love to wear these so I keep wearing them even with the heel tips gone.
2013-01-07 (10 photos) Candid photos of what happened to my Louboutin Decollete pumps today. When it rains here puddles form along the sides of the roads and there are no sidewalks. You have to walk on the narrow dirt path along the side of the road, sometimes crossing the puddle to get around a car. Notice how dirty my shoes are by the end of the day.
2012-12-28 (20 photos) Someone requested a custom video where a guy gives me a hard time and I teach him a lesson by stepping all over his cowboy boots with my well worn boots. These pictures of my most worn boots as well as his cowboy boots were sent to him to choose from. I hope he chooses a nice shiny pair of cowboy boots. I can't wait to wreck them for him.
2012-12-26 (38 photos) A guest set from Wetlookgirls.com. Two girls are in bed in their heels for some reason when someone pays them to get into the pool fully dressed, high heels and all. And one girl gets her wet jeans cut off of her!
2012-12-25 (16 photos) I wore my new suede Zara boots out for a night of hard partying. I wake up this morning to find my poor boots in this condition. Apparently some time during the night they went through mud, and as you can see, some girl I was dancing with stepped right on one of them. Probably on purpose because she was jealous. True story.
2012-12-24 (19 photos) I was so hot my dress stockings were drenched with sweat. My feet were so hot and sweaty inside my shoes. Did I mention the shoot was at a salt mine? The salt pool looked so cool I couldn't resist so I stepped right in. My shoes were dirty already anyway. The cool water felt so good when it rushed in around my toes. Not sure how my new shoes liked the salt water though.
2012-12-22 (46 photos) This poor girl misunderstood when they told her she was going to the gun range. She thought it would be OK to show up in high heels. She didn't realize it was tactical training involving running and crawling through mud with an assault rifle. As you can see, her boots were quickly filled with mud and by the end of the day the heels had been torn completely off.
2012-12-19 (7 photos) Here's an update on a pair of shoes I showed you a few months ago when I just got them. I wore them out drinking with my friends and apparently some time during the evening these went through the mud as you can see from the heels. These shoes look like they can handle it though, especially since there's no leather covering the heel. You can see photos of them brand new below.
2012-12-17 (25 photos) By the time they started photographing me, my new Zara pumps were caked in mud and it was so hot I was sweating like crazy in my dress and stockings. Even my feet were sweaty in my shoes.
2012-12-15 (33 photos) A beautiful glamorous fashion model in high heels, white pants and fur coat steps into the mud!
2012-12-14 (31 photos) So luckily I decide to change into my new Zara pumps for the photo shoot because the heels are higher. Lucky I did because the shoot turned out to be in an industrial location and I had to walk through mud to get there. I really had a hard time. As you can see my heels kept sinking.
2012-12-12 (28 photos) Muddy high heels and white jeans. A guest set from Muddygirlsworld.com
2012-12-10 (20 photos) I get into the pool in my Nine West pumps. See my shoes and Cuban stockings underwater.
2012-12-09 (9 photos) Perhaps you remember my shiny new Charles David Sway pumps. Scroll down and you can see photos of them when they were brand new just three months ago. As you can see, the unpaved roads around here are tough on heels.
2012-12-07 (25 photos) Fully clothed, high heeled and completely wet in the pool.
2012-12-05 (34 photos) I just got these beautiful eel skin pumps by Dolce & Gabbana. I slip on my cuban stockings and these sexy pumps, then a hot red dress before I head out to a photo shoot.
2012-12-03 (27 photos) Just a little water felt so good when it got in my shoes so I couldn't resist soaking them in the pool. These shoes are so old and dirty, they needed washing anyway. Like the the way the Cuban stockings shine when wet? How about the anklet underneath?
2012-11-30 (36 photos) My well worn yellow Nine West pumps. They are so comfortable I find myself wearing them all the time so they are getting more and more worn every day. Today its so hot my feet are sweating in them so I decide to cool off a little. My old pumps are so worn anyway a little water won't hurt them.
2012-11-28 (29 photos) Alexis Kay Lee lounging by the pool in cuban stockings and her most comfortable Nine West high heels. In this position, we get good close ups of her sexy shoes from every angle including the sole. These shoes are so beat up that after lounging around in them she doesn't even bother taking them off before stepping onto the infinity edge of the pool. It matters little to her if they get wet.
2012-11-25 (19 photos) Modeling Stuart Weitzman heels and sexy officewear, her photographer directs her to step out onto the rocks to get shots of the shoreline. An unexpected wave splashes her shoes but being the professional she is, she continues posing until a larger wave washes over her shoes. As she bends over to dry them an even larger splashes her whole outfit and causes her to lose her balance step off the rock and completely submerge her shoes. She finds out later that the photo shoot was for abusedshoes.com
2012-11-23 (8 photos) It's been stormy and many of the downtown streets are flooded. White sling back heels were not a good choice of footwear for today. Luckily she keeps a couple of old beat up pairs of shoes in the car she can change into.
2012-11-21 (16 photos) It's so hot out that the mud quickly dries onto her Louboutins so she can't even wipe it off. Someone's going to pay for this and it looks like it's going to be the deadbeat hitchhiker.
2012-11-20 (17 photos) When her hitchhiker refuses to chip in for gas, she stops on the side of the road to kick him out of the car. Unfortunately, on her way to the passenger side she ends up stepping through deep mud in her $600 Louboutins.
2012-11-18 (18 photos) Some very nice wetlook photos of Alexis Kay Lee fully clothed in her Christian Louboutin Pigalles, stockings and dress.
2012-11-17 (6 photos) Just because she's in a destructive mood today, Alexis dumps her whole shoe collection on the bathroom floor. Then she steps into the shower in her best heels and hose and starts ripping.
2012-11-16 (32 photos) And since her heels are ruined, why not cover the rest of her sexy outfit in mud?
2012-11-15 (15 photos) Muddy Girls World guest photos. This glamorous girl lives in her heels, which means that sometimes her heels end up on rough terrain. And she looks dignified and gorgeous as usual until her elegant strappy heels end up in the mud.
2012-10-28 (34 photos) Soon the temptation is too great and I step into the very salty water, filling my new leather pumps. The cool water feels so very nice when it rushes into my shoes and soaks my stockings and toes.
2012-10-27 (33 photos) I have some free time so I get dressed up in stockings and my new Zara pumps and head to the salt mines. Such a nice contrast, my new leather pumps and the rugged industrial surroundings.
2012-10-20 (28 photos) I was about to turn around and head back to the car when suddenly my dog ran across the flooded section of the path. I had no choice but to go after him. Luckily these old Ralph Lauren boots had no holes in them yet so they kept my feet kind of dry. The old leather immediately soaked up water and turned dark brown. Some nice close up shots from every angle as I step into the car. The view from the soles show just how torn up the heels are. You get a really good idea of just how dirty these boots are too when I get home.
2012-10-19 (24 photos) Its rainy season. Been raining almost every day but I still have to bring my do go to go play. As soon as I step out of the car the ground is wet and the heels of my Ralph Lauren boots are sinking in. These boots are so abused from walking my dog I don't really mind. With each step the leather covering of the heels gets more and more torn up. Oh great. The path is flooded. Now what?
2012-10-01 (26 photos) After lunch we happen to pass by a really beautiful spot and decide to take some photos. I'm very careful not to scuff my new shoes walking on the rough stones but as you can see the ocean spray reaches all the way to the camera and my shoes get sprayed too. Overall they come out of it ok. By the time I get home the soles are quite scuffed though for new shoes.
2012-09-28 (18 photos) My first time wearing these Charles David pumps outside and wouldn't you know it, my date chooses a beach restaurant and I wind up walking through the sand in my new shoes. By the time I get back on solid ground, my shoes are quite dirty and sand has gotten inside so I have to take them off to clean my feet.
2012-09-21 (16 photos) My brand new Charles David Sway classic black pumps. Aren't they so pretty when shiny and new? You can tell from the POV shots of the sole I haven't even worn them out of the house yet. Like the close up dangling shot?
2012-09-18 (20 photos) How to clean your Louboutins.
2012-09-15 (10 photos) Alexis and her Louboutins are all wet anyway so she decides to wash the car.
2012-09-03 (36 photos) Hot party girl ends up after-partying at a farmhouse and ends up having to walk through mud in her party shoes to get back home the morning after.
2012-08-30 (5 photos) A preview of some of my new shoes and a pair of boots. All brand new and soon to be abused. Whether slowly or quickly I always let fate and the weather decide. The boots are Manolo Blahnik and the shoes are Valentino, Jeffery Campbell and Zara.
2012-08-27 (26 photos) She finally does catch up with that catalog but not before falling into the water and completely soaking her entire outfit and hair. And she still has to go back to the office. She checks out her reflection in the car window. Well, at least her makeup is intact. Close up shots as she steps back into her car show the damage she's done to her expensive designer heels from walking through the water and sharp rocks.
2012-08-20 (21 photos) Just as she almost reaches the catalog it floats out of reach. She finds a shallow spot and steps closer but the water's deeper than it looks and rushes into her shoe. She loses her balance and plunges her other foot in. The the water comes all the way up to her ankle. She looks down at her shoes in disbelief. These were $400 Stuart Weitzmans. Well, she had to clean them anyway and since they're already soaked she casually walks into deeper and deeper water.
2012-08-17 (6 photos) My new platform slingbacks by Zara.