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2012-08-14 (17 photos) Alexis was sent out to inspect an undeveloped property right after a rainstorm and her shoes are a muddy dirty mess. She wonders why she gets all the dirty jobs. She gets out of the car to clean her shoes a little so before returning to the office. As soon as she gets out of the car her heels sink into the sand, and since they're still wet, there is soon sand stuck all over them. A sudden gust of wind blows her catalog away. Not being one to litter, she runs to retrieve it but realizes she's scratching up her shoes running on loose stones. As if that weren't enough, the catalog has blown into the water. She balances carefully on rocks to try to reach it...
2012-08-10 (10 photos) I was going to wear my favorite Christian Louboutins to lunch but they're looking a little worn these days so I decided to wear my shiny new Charles David Sway pumps instead.
2012-08-07 (6 photos) Alexis takes a few photos of her ruined Christian Louboutin Pigalles after her beach photo shoot. The leather is soaked and badly scuffed from walking on the beach. By the time she gets back to her car her shoes are covered and filled with sand. At least her makeup is still ok.
2012-08-05 (26 photos) Walking around taking some random photos at a party during Fetishcon 2012 and next thing I know someone had volunteered me to be tied to a rack and whipped for one of the performances. And imagine my surprise when I feel the heavy blocky boot of the dominatrix stepping down on my delicate leather stilettos and grinding scuffs into them. Can you think of a better way to dominate a girl than to ruin her new shoes?
2012-08-04 (21 photos) After the initial shock of soaking her Christian Louboutins, Alexis is getting into being wet in her sexy shoes and stockings. The photographer captures many great closeups of her wet shoes. She teases the camera by dangling them over the waves and gets further into the water soaking her stockings and dress.
2012-08-03 (14 photos) A girl in very high heels steps onto the trolley and sits right next to me. When she bumps my very expensive Valentino shoe, my first reaction is to pull my precious shoe away but then the thought of her accidentally stepping on my shoe starts to excite me so I bring my shoe closer and closer to hers until the dirty bottom of her shoe is rubbing against my shoe with every movement of the trolley. I leave my foot positioned so that if her stop is before mine she will likely step on my shoe while standing up. Oh the anticipation.
2012-08-01 (23 photos) The photographer directs her to stand on some rocks to get some artistic shoreline shots. Almost immediately an unexpected wave washes over her precious Louboutins and completely soaks her feet. Being the professional that she is she stands there as wave after wave fill her shoes. She looks quite distressed.
2012-07-28 (9 photos) Alexis wore her favorite shoes to a photoshoot today. Her Christian Louboutin Pigalle leather pumps. The photographer chose a beach location so her shoes got filled with sand and were filthy by the time they started shooting. He made sure to get some nice close ups of her abused shoes.
2012-07-24 (26 photos) Since her boots are already wet and the cool ocean water feels so good around her feet she decides to lie down completely soaking her leather boots and clothes. When she stands back up and her boots slouch from the weight of the water we see she is wearing socks inside her boots. After her walk back onto the beach the rough sand and rocks ruins her delicate wet leather boots.
2012-07-21 (25 photos) Girl comes home from work in her leather dress boots and cant wait to take a walk on the beach with her dog. Dog leads girl into the surf filling her sexy dress boots with ocean water.
2012-07-19 (12 photos) My comfortable old Dolce & Gabbana high heels. They're so worn. Notice how the toes point up in the air when I wear them. They're so sexy, aren't they?
2012-07-12 (15 photos) A close up comparison of my old Manolo Blahnik classic leather pumps and a brand new pair. Exactly the same except for years of wear. You can see the contrast from all angles. The new pair shiny and smooth and the old pair with all the character from years of wear. The wrinkles, scuffs, damaged heels, and the repaired soles.
2012-07-11 (16 photos) Alexis is sent to do a story on how salt is mined from the ocean. It's gathered in shallow ponds which become progressively saltier as the sun evaporates the water. As soon as she steps out of the new van she realizes she should not have worn her Louboutins today. She carefully steps through the brush to avoid scuffing her shoes but then the cameraman needs her to stand on some rocks at the edge of the salt pond to get a good shot. As she's speaking into the camera the salty water splashes all over her shoes and stockings. After the shoot she stumbles into the salty foam at the edge of the pond and her shoes are covered by the strange salty substance.
2012-07-10 (30 photos) Sometimes I'm so tired when I get home from work. My feet are aching from walking all day in heels. It feels so good to step into a warm bath fully clothed. These shoes feel so good around my feet when filled with warm water.
2012-06-14 (27 photos) It's the perfect day to take some pictures in my beautiful Christian Louboutin Pigalles. And they look great walking on the rough rocky beach, don't they? Its such a sexy contrast. Shoveling rocks in these delicate shoes.
2012-06-12 (14 photos) I've had my old Manolo Blahnik leather pumps for so long and have worn them so much they were really looking very worn but they were so comfortable I found myself wearing them all the time even though they were looking old and wrinkled. I finally decided to get a new pair.
2012-06-10 (27 photos) Its the perfect sunset and I have to hurry to get to the right spot to catch some pictures. Unfortunately for my Manolos that perfect spot is in the ocean. After the photos my shoes are wrecked. Completely soaked and covered with sand so I take them off and leave them on the rocks to get some close up shots of them.
2012-05-20 (9 photos) A few candid photos of my new Gianmarco Lorenzi steel toe booties. I was told we were going to an art gallery opening. What they didn't tell me was that the art gallery was in a gravel lot. My feet were so tired walking on my toes the whole time trying to keep my new heels from getting ruined in the gravel.
2012-05-17 (8 photos) I soak my heels and blouse in a gallon of milk. Milk is good conditioner for leather.
2012-05-12 (26 photos) I take a walk out on my deck on a beautiful sunny day in my shiny new Christian Louboutin Pigalles. The weather's so nice I can't resist taking a walk onto the rough beach. I have to be careful with these shoes though.
2012-05-10 (29 photos) I've bathed so much in these Manolos they must be squeaky clean by now. They feel so good on my feet after a warm bath. The worn leather gets so soft and I love the way the water squeezes out of them.
2012-05-07 (12 photos) Here's a really old and well worn pair of my Dolce & Gabbana pumps. I remember when I got these how shiny and new they were. I was so careful with them for a while but now they are old and wrinkled and scuffed so I can wear them anywhere and in any weather. They are so comfortable now.
2012-05-05 (30 photos) Showering in my Manolos. They're so broken in and feel so good wrapped around my feet when wet, I shower with my clothes off but my shoes on.
2012-04-26 (20 photos) Just a day around the house in my nicely worn Gianmarco Lorenzi ultra high heels. I feel so sexy cooking and cleaning in them.
2012-04-22 (23 photos) I imagine I must have been attracting a lot of attention walking through the flooded parking lot in my sexy Ralph Lauren boots to get my packages back to my car. I'm sure the guys loved it. By the time I got back to my car my boots were wet and muddy. I'm sure the women loved watching me ruin my boots too.
2012-04-21 (20 photos) My Ralph Lauren boots still look great. You may recall that I have gotten them a little wet but they dried up nicely. Today though, I wore them to go pick up some packages and it rained. A lot. And just my luck. They were doing construction in the parking lot. I end up walking through the construction and flooded parking lot.
2012-04-19 (14 photos) Here are some nice close up shots of my patent leather Charles David high heels after a day of shopping and walking on unpaved roads and other rough terrain. You can see lots of scuffs and scratches on the shiny patent leather and soles.
2012-04-17 (39 photos) With all the unpaved roads on this island it didn't take long for my new Ralph Lauren booties to start looking dirty and worn. So I decided to go snorkeling in them to get them clean and shiny again. I love conditioning my leather boots with salt water.
2012-04-12 (12 photos) I'm wearing my Charles David patent leather pumps to go out shopping. Walking through my gravel front yard really messes up these patent leather shoes. Notice how the heels dig right into the gravel and the toes point up on the air. Not good for the heels at all.
2012-04-10 (28 photos) My dirty old worn out Manolo Blahniks are looking shiny again after I wash them by bathing in them. I love squishing the water out of them through my toe cleavage.
2012-04-08 (7 photos) Some candid shots of my Lucchese cowgirl boots. They look more at home in the rough terrain and sand than my usual high heels.
2012-03-27 (24 photos) Lounging around the house in my new Valentino sandals. I love showing off my toes.
2012-03-26 (18 photos) I cool my feet and sling back heels by walking on the beach and into the surf. The cool salt water feels great on my feet and in my shoes. I'm sure its great for the leather too.
2012-03-22 (8 photos) Here I am wearing my Christian Louboutin Pigalles at the airport. Airports are so big. My feet are tired but its worth it. These shoes look so good.
2012-03-21 (20 photos) I really wanted to wear my new Ralph Lauren boots today but its so hot. I'm sweating all over and my feet are sweating in these boots. The cool water from the hose feels so good, first on my blouse and jeans, then running into my boots. Since my new boots are wet already I step into the pool. The cool water feels really good rushing into my boots through the zippers.
2012-03-19 (13 photos) Here are my very sexy Stuart Weitzman pumps when I first got them. They look so new and shiny. A nice contrast from the rugged terrain around my home.
2012-03-17 (20 photos) I have my sexy tan leather Ralph Lauren boots on to check on my pool. They look great in the sun and protect my feet from the water when I walk on the infinity edge of the pool. See how nicely the tan leather turns dark when it gets a little wet.
2012-03-12 (12 photos) My new Ralph Lauren boots. I've only worn them a couple of times but as you can see in these close up photos I've managed to scuff the heels already.
2012-03-10 (29 photos) By now I've had my Manolo Blahnik leather pumps for several years and they're quite beat up so I have no problem bathing in them. They still look nice, don't they?
2012-03-07 (15 photos) People often ask me what in the world I did to my boots. Here's an example. First I do some gardening in my Ralph Lauren boots. In the very close up shots you can see the effect the rough gravel has on the delicate leather. After gardening I continue my day in these boots by sweeping water out of my flooded basement.