NYLA brand white leather pumps, with black satin lace details.

size 6. 4" heels. medium worn.  been in many exclusive 

Ms. Kitty photosets and videos.

as seen in 2005-08-17 (5 photos) set

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One of a kind, starting 7/20/06

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MS. Kitty's one of a kind stiletto GUCCI office pump
black leather, well worn
4" heels, buckle detail, size 36
Original price $370 + tax


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Presented in many exclusive photosets.  
comes with glossy autographed pic by Toni Leigh aka Ms Kitty *FREE




  SOLD as of 5/14/06

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Description: Well worn by Ms. Kitty.

Italian leather Rossi black and white cross stitch stiletto ankle boots. 
Size 6 or European 36.

High 4" heels.

As seen in the 2006-04-30 photoset, where Kitty walks through puddles and mud.

Also seen in the famous H2 Hummer dessert set.

Origianl Price $450 + tax

Only one available, get it before it's too late. item#: 7765250193

comes with glossy autographed pic by Toni Leigh aka Ms Kitty *FREE

ebay 7 day auction ongoing NOW