Sexy Women

Women with a fetish for messing up their shoes. Sexy Shoes

Sexy Women Abuse Their Sexy Shoes And Each Other.
Gianni Versace, Gucci, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Manolo Blahnik, Dolce & Gabbana.
The Best High Heeled Shoes In The World Ruined Here!

Shoe Fetish Girls wearing their sexy shoes in the water and mud. Wet Messy Muddy
Shoes and Boots

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Sexy New Designer
Shoes Before Abuse
Shoe Fetish - Sexy girls modeling designer high heels by Prada, Manolo Blahnik and more.
Well worn shoes - fetish shoes well worn by sexy girls. Broken Heels
Scuffed Shoes
Distressed Shoes

Well Worn Shoes
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Sexy New Designer
Boots Before Abuse
Models in boots.  Modelling sexy boots.  Models in dress boots.  Ladies in sexy boots.  Ladies wearing high heeled boots.
High Heeled Catfights - When girls fight, shiny fetish shoes get muddy, scuffed, scraped, and ruined. High Heeled Catfights
Shoe Domination
Boot Licking
and Shoeplay
Shoe play by glamorous women.  Shoe Fetish Girls dangle and play with their shoes.
Pedal Pumping - Elegant ladies driving in high heels. Pedal Pumping
Damsel In Distress
Driving In High Heels
Burning Shoes
Cutting Shoes
Tearing Shoes
Burning shoes.  Hot girls set their high heeled shoes on fire.  Leather boots on fire.  Burning boots.
Women in fetish boots getting tied up.  Sexy ladies boots bondage.  Dress boots tied up.  Boots and stockings.  Boots and bare feet. Shoe Bondage
Boot Bondage
 Shoes and Food   Sexy ladies with a fetish for getting their shoes messed up in bananas, whipped cream and other messy food.
Crush Fetish Shoes - Ladies who love to step on other girl's shoes and crush things with their feet. Stepping on Shoes
Shoes Crushing Objects
Femdom Kicking
Girl On Girl Trampling
Forced Shoe Kissing
Sexy girl on girl high heeled trampling fetish and kicking with shoes.


"[Manolo] Blahnik says he loves it when women wear his shoes in the mud."
                                                                             - The New Yorker



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Unique things you can only see here: The most abused Gianni Versace pumps ever. Elegant Gucci boots worn to the beach and into the water by sexy ladies.  Extremely beautiful girls ruining their stylish Prada high heels in a sexy muddy leather soaking shoe scuffing catfight.  This season's Roberto Cavalli thigh high boots intentionally soaked in a hot tub by sexy girls.  How many pairs of classic Manolo Blahnik pumps in the world have been intentionally worn in the ocean?  The world's most beautiful girls ruin their Dolce & Gabbana high heeled boots and shoes in vicious heel breaking catfights.  A sexy model gets dominated and forced into the pool in her Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks by her photographer.  A beautiful woman walking down a city street in her worn out shoes.  A dominant mistress photographer?  No surprise then when her beautiful model is forced her to lick her spike heeled leather knee high boots.  The sexiest designer shoe dangling by the sexiest girls.  Sexy women pedal pumping in spike heeled boots.  Elegant ladies driving Ferraris in stiletto heels.  Sexy women crush objects under their sexy high heels.  Dirty boot licking.  Sexy girls modeling their dirty shoes.  Girl on girl trampling.  Sexy lipstick lesbians abusing each other with their well worn shoes.  High heeled bondage and domination.  Sexy office girls trample each other in stockings and heels.  Sexy lesbian Femdom.  Beautiful girls destroy their victim's high heels.  Sexy ladies burn their boots and cut up their shoes.  Scuffed shoes, high heeled catfights, burned shoes, the sexiest women.  So are we the strangest shoe fetish site on the net?


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